Web Accessibility - Tools for Reporting

Determining what issues your website may have regarding website accessibility can be a time consuming task. There are third-party reporting tools available for use to help you with this that not only inform you of what the issues are, but provide you with the severity, the number of instances on a page, and how to resolve them. While doing so, you become more knowledgeable on the website accessibility topic. Check out these tools for reporting on website accessibility.

This is a free resource for you to analyze a page. After you provide a URL for a page to test, along the left side of the screen, an information page will appear indicating the number of errors, alerts, and contrast issues (overall, items that should be reviewed and addressed as appropriate) in addition to the number of features, structured elements, and descriptors (good things that your website is doing) that assist website visitors.

An important reminder about this tool is that the report runs on the current page only. So it would need to be repeated for each page on your website.

Web Developer - Chrome Extension and Firefox Add-on
This is a free Chrome extension or Firefox add-on for you to install within your web browser. After installed, you can access the tools category of this extension to validate the accessibility of the page that you are currently visiting. The report displayed, will be provided by the WAVE WebAIM tool.

This is a paid service that analyzes your entire website. In addition to providing you reports showing the number of errors, issues, and warnings spanning across levels A (highest significance), AA (medium significance), and AAA (least significance) of web accessibility compliance, SiteImprove also provides a wealth of training materials to help your website content editors to learn more about the importance of website accessibility and how to make the website more accessible.

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