List of Organizations attached to the Agency

The Organizations option is available to users with Super Admin privileges

1. Option to Download/Upload organizations to update Alio customer and location numbers
2. Option to Download/Upload organizations not attached to your agency to add Alio customer and location numbers to. The organizations can be updated individually too.
3. Option to Find and Merge Duplicates
4. Option to Add an Organization to this agency's database
5. Option to update the Organizations information by clicking on the Organization
6. The list of users attached to the organization selected
7. The Delete option will show for Organizations without any users attached to it

Adding a New Organization

1. Add the organization name
2. Choose the organization type. If Private School or School District Building, attach it to the school district
3. Add the Alio Customer # if applicable
4. Add the Alio Location Code if applicable
5. Add the website address
6. Add the Address
7. Add the City
8. Choose the State from the drop down options
9. Add the Zip code
10. Select if the billing address is the same as listed above or add the billing address
11. Click Add

District - Invoice Option

Some districts do not wish to be invoiced. The option for the district to be invoice can be blocked under Organizations for the "Pub Sch. Dist." types.
1. Click on a District in the Organization list
2. Check the "Can Invoice" box to allow the district to be invoiced or uncheck if they do not want to be invoiced

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