Alio Export

Alio Export - Step 1

myQuickReg has the capability to pull data from events which are checked “ready to invoice”, in a .csv format, for the purpose of uploading into the Alio Accounting Software.
After notifying Lisa Smith ( to let her know your agency would like this option added to your myQuickReg, Alio setting options will be available to users with “Super Administrator” privileges.
1. Settings
2. Agency Reports
3. Alio Export

Alio Export - Step 2 - Adding Alio Customer #'s and Location codes to Organizations

1. Click on the organization that you want to update
2. Add Alio Customer #
3. Add Alio Location Code
Click Update

Alio Export - Step 3 - Adding Alio Customer #'s and Location codes to Organizations Using Bulk Update

Alio Export - Step 4 - Adding Alio Codes to Project Code

Select "Bulk Alio Customer/Location Update" or "Non-agency Organizations for Alio" links on the Organizations page. The "Bulk Alio Customer/Location Update" option will download
organizations attached to your agency. The "Non-agency Organizations for Alio" will give districts from other agencies.
1. Select "Include organizations from other agencies" to add data from organizations outside of your agency
2. Select "Remove Individual/Parent/Other type organizations" to only have district data
3. Download the file
4. Add Alio Customer #'s to the spread sheet
5. Add Alio Location Codes to the spread sheet
Save the spread sheet
6. Choose the file
7. Upload and Update the data

1. Settings
2. Project Codes
3. Add Alio Code for this project
4. Update

Alio Export - Step 5 - Add Alio Fund # to Events

Under Manage Events>Add or Edit Event
1. Add the Alio fund number for this event
2. Select "Yes" when the event is ready to invoice (i.e. it can be included in the Alio Export)

Alio Export - Step 6 - Pulling Export

1. “Is Public” offers the option to select the events marked “Yes, display this event on the "All Events" screen so users can register.” or “No, do NOT display this event on the "All Events"
2. “Removed From Reports” offers the option to select the events marked “Yes, remove this event from Agency Reports and Reminders (canceled events)” or “No, keep this event in
Agency Reports”
3. “Begin Date” and “End Date” allows the option to select events within a date parameter. If no dates are entered the export will pull data from all events marked “ready to invoice” and with
registrations marked “Payment not received”
4. “Event” gives the option to select an event or all events
5. “Object Code” is an editable field for the CESA’s Alio object code which will be used in the credit and debit number
6. The “Check payments as Alio Invoiced” option will mark the event as “Alio Invoiced” so it will not be an option to export again (see step 7 on how to manually mark the payment as Alio
7. If the Organization does not have an Alio Customer number attached to it, there will be a link to add one
8. If the Organization does not have an Alio Location code attached to it, there will be a link to add one
9. Individual registrations can be excluded from the export by unchecking the check box in the Include column
10. Run Export

Alio Export - Step 7 - Manually check the payment as Alio Invoiced

Manage Events>Choose the event>Click on the payment amount in the "Paid" column
1. Check the "Alio Invoiced" check box to remove this registration from future Alio exports

Alio - Report Option

Settings>Agency Reports>Financial Adhoc report has a "Ready to Invoice" option to pull events that have "Ready to Invoice" selected
1. "Ready to invoice" option on Financial Adhoc Agency Report

Alio Export for CardX Transactions

Settings>Agency Reports>Alio Export


  1. Leave the defaulted selections selected with the below exceptions
  2. Select Card X option from the Payment Method dropdown
  3. Select Include from the Include Paid/Invoiced Payments dropdown
  4. Enter the Payment Begin Date 
  5. Enter the Payment End Date
  6. Click the Run Export button to create the csv file to import into Alio.
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