Student Detail View

The Student Detail View is the primary source of information in SEEDS4Schools. It contains all of the identifying data on a student and information regarding the areas of disability, consent dates, and other information needed for state and federal reports. Ability to edit the student detail view is based on the user's permission. Keeping the information on the Student Detail View updated ensures data integrity throughout SEEDS.

  1. Activate/Inactivate button
  2. Button to Print Student Info in entirety
  3. Events & Forms tab - defaults to the current event for the student
  4. Student Details tab - data pertinent to the student
  5. Parent /Guardian tab - all parent/guardian data for the student
  6. District Details  tab- district information for the student (resident district/school, placement district/ school, open enrollment info, private school info, etc.)
  7. Evaluation Details tab - meeting dates, disabilities, related services, educational environment, and comments
  8. Enrollments tab - shows the class and services the student is enrolled in
  9. Print Preview - select the checkbox(es) by the form(s) and click this button to open the print preview
  10. Email - select the checkbox(es) by the form(s) and click this button to email the form(s)
  11. Delete - select the checkbox(es) by the form(s) and click this button to delete the form
  12. Copy - select the checkbox(es) by the form(s) and click this button to copy the form (this option is permission based)
  13. Move - select the checkbox(es) by the form(s) and click this button to move the form to a different event (this option is permission based)
  14. Print Labels/Envelops - click this link to print an individual/full sheet label or envelopes for the student or parent(s) or guardian(s) of the student
  15. Event View - drop down list to view previous meetings - defaults to the most current event
  16. New Event - click this button to create a new event 
  17. Event Name / Form Name - check this checkbox to select all forms showing
  18. Create Form - select this button to show the drop down list of forms available for this event
    Update Info - updates the student/parent information that prefills on the forms for the event shown
  19. Shows whether the Form Status is draft or final 
  20. Edit - click this link to open the form to edit
  21. Access Log - click this link to see who has access and/or updated the form

Click the Deleted Forms to view the list of deleted forms in the event showing and restore the form(s) if necessary

Adding a Student

Prior to adding a student, always search for the student by using the Advanced Search on the Dashboard. If the Advanced Search finds the student, Activate the student into the district.

When adding a new student into SEEDS4Schools, there are 4 required fields:

  • Last name
  • Gender
  • Birth Date
  • District of Residence

SEEDS will give an alert when a new student is added and they have the same last name/birthdate or the same WISEid as another student in the database. Do not add the new student. Search for the student using the Advanced Search on the Dashboard. If the existing student cannot be found, email


The Student Details tab collects the information about the student's demographics. The WISEid is required if the district shares data with WISEdata. This is also where the student's background data is added.

When an event is created for a student, a snap shot of the student and parents' demographic data is saved to populate the data on the forms in that event. If there is an update to the student or parent's demographics and the updates need to be reflected on the forms in the most current event, check the Apply changes to the current event check box to update the data in the form. This can also be done by clicking on the Update Info link noted below.

Parent/Guardian Details

The Parent/Guardian Details tab will populate data from the fields from the Student Details tab including the street address, city, state and zip code fields if the Use Student Details check box is checked. Select the relationship to the student from the Relationship drop down options. Check the Legal Guardian check box if appropriate. Parents with the Legal Guardian  check box checked will be included on label reports.

If the parents are together, add both parents to the same Full Name text box. If they are not together, create a separate parent guardian for each one. The parents' information prefills on forms. For example, on the I-1 Invite, there is a Dear field and it will offer a check box option for each parent/guardian added on this tab so an invite can be created for each of them if need be.

There can be up to ten different parent(s) or guardian(s) added.

District Details

The District Details tab is information in regards to the student's relationship to the district. Below are descriptions of the fields:

District Information:

  1. Residence District- This is the district where the student resides. The district is selected when the student is initially added into SEEDS. To update this field, the student needs to be inactivated out of the current district and activated into his/her new district
  2. Resident School - The school the student would attend according to their address
  3. Residence District Student Information System ID # - District of Residence’s Student ID Number (i.e. Skyward, Power School, etc.).  This number is useful when using the Export of Student Data report.
  4. District of Placement - School district the student is attending
  5. Placement School/School of Attendance - School the student is receiving services from
  6. FAPE District - The district selected will populate the FAPE School listed below. This data is collected for WISEdata reporting.
  7. FAPE School - Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) responsible school fields are required for WISEdata submission and should always be completed. The school/district identified as FAPE responsible will be held accountable. The accountable school within the LEA responsible for FAPE references the related School resource for School ID, the identifier assigned to a school by the State Education Agency (SEA).
  8. Current Grade Level - Grade level the student is in
  9. Enrolled in New District - this is the date the student enrolled in the school district. This field will auto populate when a student is activated into the district.
  10. View Historical Data - View the date and who made the changes to the District Details tab. This is permission based.
  11. SEPA Data - Districts which have selected SEEDS4Schools as their 3rd party special education vendor in WISEdata will see Student Special Education Program Association (sSEPA) information when clicking on this link.

Open Enrollment

  1. Open Enrollment - Is the student open enrolled? Note: when a student is open enrolled out of a district, the non-placement district will no longer have access to the student's data.
  2. Open Enrollment Start / Open Enrollment End Date - Dates the student started/ended as an open enrollment student
  3. District of Open Enrollment - District which accepted enrollment

 Tuition Waiver 

  1. Tuition Waiver - is the student attending via a tuition waiver
  2. Tuition Waiver type - Current Year Tuition, Additional Year Tuition, Senior Rule
  3. Tuition Waiver From/To - Dates the student started/ended under tuition waiver
  4. District of Tuition Waiver - District the student is considered tuition waiver'd to

Private Schools

  1. Is the student attending private school? - Yes or No
  2. Private School Start/End Dates - Dates the student attended the private school
  3. Name of Private School 

Home School Student

  1. Is student homeschooled? - Yes or No 
    Note: Selecting Yes to Home School will make the student's special ed status be inactive. However, the student will remain on the Evaluation Due Date reports.
  2. Home School Start - Date the student started home schooling.

Exit/Transfer Details

  1. Exit District Date - This field will be auto populated when the student is inactivated
  2. Reason Student Exited (DPI) - Select WISEdata reason or it will be auto populated when the student is inactivated
  3. Continuing District - Choose the district the student transferred to, or it will be auto populated when the student is inactivated
  4. Transferred In Date - Date the student transferred into the district
  5. Transferred From - District the student transferred from
  6. Transferred To - District the student transferred to

Evaluation Details

  1. Type of Evaluation - Initial or ReEval will prefill when an A-2 Referal form is created for the student
  2. Case Manager - Name of Case Manager assigned to the student
  3. Primary Disability - Student’s primary disability. A disability must be selected for the student to be considered Active in special education
  4. Does Child Have an Impairment - Yes or No - This question must be yes for the student to be considered Active in special education
  5. Does Child Need Special Ed - Yes or No - This question must be yes for the student to be considered Active in special education
  6. Evaluation in Process - Yes or No - If yes, staff (with permission to the district) will be able to access the student under the Filter by Eval in Process sort status of All or Yes
  7. Additional Testing Consent Given - Consent for Additional testing is required when the IEP team has determined that additional tests are necessary to conduct an evaluation. Enter date for the most recent Consent to evaluate
  8. Evaluation Meeting -Date for the most recent evaluation team meeting. The Eval Due date will populate 2 years and 364 days from this date.
  9. Consent to Place - Date for most recent Parent Consent to place
  10. Special Ed Dismiss Date - Date the student was dismissed from Special Education. A date is this field will make the student's special ed status be inactive in SEEDS.
  11. Consent Denied- Date parent withdrew consent for additional testing
  12. Refused Eval -Date the parents refused evaluation
  13. Refusal to Place -Date parent refused to place. A date is this field will make the student's special ed status be inactive in SEEDS.
  14. Placement Consent Revoked - Date parent revoked consent. A date in this field will make the student's special ed status be inactive in SEEDS.
  15. IEP/Service Plan Annual Meeting -Date IEP is developed. The IEP Due Date is calculated 364 days from this date.
  16. IEP/Service Plan Implementation - Date IEP or Service Plan will be implemented. This date is considered the IEP Start Date in WISEdata.
  17. IEP/Service Plan End - Date IEP/Service Plan will expire 

View Historical Data - View who has made changes to the District Details tab. This is permission based.

Secondary Disability

This section allows reporting of identified Secondary Disability(ies), if any. Select all Secondary Disability(ies) categories as determined by the child’s latest evaluation by clicking on the check box located in front of the disability(ies).
Do not select the primary disability as a secondary disability. You cannot have a combination of primary and secondary disabilities of SLD and ID. If you choose the same disability as the primary disability entered, you will get a warning message.
If the student does not have identified secondary disabilities, all boxes should be unchecked.

Placement Information

  1. Education Environment - Education Environment appropriate for current placement from drop-down list
  2. Comments - Comment area pertinent data for teachers about the student  (e.g.- Make sure to send Dad a copy of the IEP, etc.).
  3. Secretarial Comments - Comment area for administration to add pertinent data about the student (e.g.-  Annual IEP 11/02/2017; dismiss from SLD, enroll in EBD).


  1. Start Date - Date the student started receiving the service for the current school year
  2. End Date - Date the student stopped receiving the service for the current school year
  3. Eval Only - This will be checked if the student was on the staff member's list just for evaluation purposes
  4. Attendance Grade - Grade the student is currently in
  5. Time & Frequency - the amount and frequency the student will be receiving the service. This prefills from the Itinerant Service enrollment if the data is added there.
  6. Service and Staff - which service and the name of the staff providing it. This is a hyper-link to the enrollment page for that list.
  7. Class and Staff - which class and the name of the staff. This is a hyper-link to the enrollment page for that list.

(Billing Start, Billing End, Proj. UOS, Act. UOS, Bill as UOS, Act. Mem Days, Sched. Visits, Actual Visits, Adjusted FTE, and Att. Days are fields used by CESA's only)

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