Adding A New Form to an Event

Before creating a new form, check to make sure the form needed is not in the list of forms on the Student Detail View. If it doesn't exist, click on the Create Form button.

Select the form from the drop down list. The Student Forms address the parents and the Adult Student Forms address the adult student (e.g. Dear Johnny Jones).

Updating an Existing Form

Search for the student either by entering his/her last name in the search field on the dashboard, or by clicking Students on the top navigation; select a district and click view by the student's name. Then click on Edit by the form to update. Forms from previous years, with a few exceptions, are read-only.

Form Features

Data will prefill from form to form when the forms are created in order. For example, the IEP participants added to the I-1 Invite will prefill on the I-2 Cover Sheet.

  1. Information from the Student Detail View prefills onto the forms. A snap shot of the student detail view data is taken and prefills onto all the forms in an event. If the information on the student detail view is updated and needs to be updated on the existing forms, click on the Update Info link:
  2. The Dear options prefill from the Student Detail View>Parent/Guardian Details tab.
  3. Drop down options give specific data.
  4. Date field options allow the date to be typed in, or clicking in the box will result in a calendar to pop-up and a date can be selected. Clicking on the green T will populate the box with today's date.
  5. Check boxes allow multiple options to be selected.
  1. The Add Another link will add another set of fields; in this image it is another set of fields for IEP Participants that may attend the meeting.
  2. The red will remove the row of data.
  3. Text areas with a green triangle on the lower right hand corner may be dragged to make the box bigger. A scroll bar on the right hand side will be added when the data exceeds the area shown.
  4. Prefills for contact information can be added under Toolbox>Settings/Preferences>Contacts. Once the contacts are added, they will be in the drop down Contacts options to select.

Save/Print Options on the Bottom of Forms

  1. Check this box to open the Print Preview after selecting one of the button options.
  2. Save as Draft will submit the form without the required fields validation. The word Draft will show as a watermark on the form.
  3. Save as Final will require that all the required fields are filled in.
  4. Save in Progress will submit the data and return to the form.
  5. Cancel will return the form to the status it was when it was opened.
  6. Print Preview will open the print view of the form.

Forms with Additional Features

A- 6 IEP Team Evaluation Report including Eligibility Determination

On the A-6, Section IV, the eligibility checklist(s) can be created for a suspected impairment by:

  1. Checking the disability in question 3
  2. Check Create Checklist in question 4

When you submit this form, there will be an eligibility checklist for the impairment(s) selected. The checklist will then need to be completed.

Creating Multiple Copies of a Form for Participants

  1. Dear check box options - Forms with the Dear field have check box options with data prefilling from the Parent/Guardian tab data from the Student Detail View.
  2. Other text box - A text box is available to invite others not listed on the Student Detail View. The multiple invites will print as one document when printed. If only one invite needs to be printed, use the print by page number option under Print>Pages option in the browser.

Shortcut for creating the Student Invite

On the I-1 Invite, check the Check this box to create the I-1S form, student invite, off of the data added to the I-1 Invite.

I-3 Testing Accommodations

Section II of the I-3 IEP has the DPI allowed accommodations for assessments. If  Accommodations Necessary is yes, the accommodation categories will show.

  1. Accommodation - click on the necessary accommodations
  2. Category- click on the plus sign to expand the category of the accommodations
  3. Copy Selected Forward Wisconsin Accommodations to Supplemental Aids & Services in Section V. - to prefill the selected accommodations to Section V, Supplemental Aids and Services of the I-3 IEP, click the check box. The Amount, Frequency, Location and Duration will have to be added to Section V.

Linking Sections on the I-3 IEP
The I-3 IEP form supports the connecting sections of the IEP, as instructed by DPI, to show the linking of student need to the goals and services provided. These functions continue to prefill throughout the form.

The Disability Related Needs chart is the first part of the “linking” process. It must be filled out for the Disability Related Needs to show in the  IV. Goals and Objectives tab. You can add to the chart while working on the IEP, and the new needs will populate once the form is saved (either by the save functions at the bottom or by jumping between tabs).

Goals and Objectives

The Disability Related Needs will then populate above each goal that is created so the staff can select as many needs that relate to that specific goal.

Once the Goal Title has been completed for each goal (see picture above), the Goal Title will populate to the Program Summary tab. Each table within the instructional services will have an additional column to link the Related Goals and Unselected Disability Related Needs. Multiple goals or needs can be chosen for each service. Only the Disability Related Needs that have NOT been connected to a goal will carry over to this section.

I-3 IEP Progress Monitoring

There is a progress monitoring tool available in the I-3 IEP. When Progress Monitoring is selected in question C. Procedures and Timeline for Notifying Parents of Child's Progress Toward the Annual Goal on tab IV, the last tab in the IEP will list the goal or objective to monitor. There is a progress monitoring training video available under Help>Training Videos.

I-3-S2 - PTP IEP Subform - Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP) Login

This form has a link to the WAMS log in page. It also has the capability to upload the final draft pdf of the PTP.

S-22 Child Outcomes Form

This form has a link to the WAMS log in page. It also has the capability to upload the final draft pdf of the Outcomes form.

Data Collection Form

The Data Collection form is a tool in SEEDS to inform the administrative personel of the changes which need to take place regarding the student’s placement, services, dismissal, impairments, physical location of the education program, environmental codes or other changes noted from the IEP/Placement meeting. Most of the data on the form will prefill from the existing forms.

There is also an Educational Environment calculator to determine the amount of time the student spends in general education. This calculator will give the <5 year old codes for a 5 year old student and then offer another calculator to determine the >6 codes and automatically update it on the child's 6th birthday.

After the data on the data collection form is verified, there is an Update Student Information Form check box, available by permission, to update the Student Detail View with the data collected on this form.

IEP Checklist

The IEP Checklist is a form to verify the data on the IEP is accurate for DPI's Self Assessment.


The print version of the forms are in .pdf format. The computer will require an updated .pdf reader to open them. Also, print view are pop-ups; make sure SEEDS4Schools is allowed as a trusted site in the browser settings (see Initial Computer Set Up section).

  1. Check the check box of the forms to print.
  2. Click the Print Preview button- this will bring up the form to print.
  3. Select All Sections or the individual sections needed - the option to pick which section to print of sectioned forms
  4. Click the Continue button

Click on the Printer icon

Select the printer and other options as needed. This is where there is an option to print just selected pages.

Emailing Forms

  1. Select the form(s) to email.
  2. Click on the Email button

Deleting a Form

  1. Select the form(s) to be deleted.
  2. Click on the Delete button.
  3. Click on the Submit button.

The form will be moved to the Deleted Forms view.

If the form needs to be restored, 

  1. Click on the Deleted Forms view.
  2. Click on the Restore link.

(Note: Forms which are deleted by users who have the Full Delete permission are not able to be restored.)

Copy Forms (available by permission)

  1. Select the form(s) to be copied. The form must be in final draft format to be copied.
  2. Click on the Copy button.

Select Existing Event to copy the selected forms into an existing event.
Select New Event and the event type to copy the selected forms into a new event.

Move Forms (available by permission)

This feature allows forms to be moved to a different event.

1. Select the form(s) which are to be moved; Click on the Move button.
2. Select the To Event to move the forms to.
3. Click the Submit button.

Copy & Paste

Use the copy and paste icons to transfer data between documents. This feature can be used between IEP documents or other word processing documents.

First, open both documents that you want to work with in the edit view or the view from previous years forms
• To open another document in SEEDS4Schools, while in the document you are currently viewing, open a new browser window (note: opening 2 tabs in the same browser will not work)
• Open the document (in edit or view) that you would like to copy or paste from
• Start with the text you wish to copy, place the cursor in the text field, and highlight the text by dragging the mouse across the text, go to the edit menu and select copy (or the shortcut is Ctrl + C)
• Select the document where you want to paste to

    1. Click the Paste as Plain Text icon.
    2. Place the cursor in the text area and paste (shortcut is Ctrl + V). There could be a over-lay window which pops up. If it does, paste into that.

To remove code which might be causing formatting problems, click in the text area:
    3. Select all icon - to select all the data in the text area.
    4. Remove format icon - click on the eraser to remove formatting. A word of caution, this will remove tables and other formatting such as bold, italic etc.

Copy/Paste Recommendations
Copy/paste is a time saving tool which many users utilize. When data is copied, it brings with it coding that is happening in the background. Sometimes this coding can interfere with editing features in text areas.

One recommendation is to paste as plain text. This removes the coding behind the scenes and lets you edit the data with the tools available on the top of the text area. Pasting as plain text could also remove tables,  bullets, bold, underlining and other editing features the copied data might have included.

If you prefer to create your document in Word, create the whole document in word and do all the editing in Word, paste it into SEEDS4Schools using the clip board with the W on it, when it is complete. If the data needs to be edited after it’s in SEEDS4Schools, edit it in your Word document; remove all the data from the text area in SEEDS4Schools and copy and re-paste it,with the clip board with the “W”on it, back in to SEEDS4Schools after your changes have been made to the Word document.

If the data is created in SEEDS4Schools, then copy and paste, within SEEDS4Schools, in edit or view, using the copy/paste icons. What is important is to stay consistent; if you create it or paste it in as plain text, continue to do the editing, with the tools available in the text area, in SEEDS4Schools. If you’ve copied it from Word, continue to use Word to do your editing. Trying to use the editing features, from SEEDS4Schools, might not work if the data was pasted in from a Word document (unless it was pasted in as plain text). Also, if the margin, or tables are outside the borders of the text area (this usually causes a scroll bar to appear across the bottom of the text area), it will cause the data to print off the page. To adjust the tables margins, select the table and right click to open the tables properties to fit within the margins.

Creating Tables

1. Click on the table icon in the text editor tool bar. The table properties overlay will pop-up. Make sure the table width is less than 100%.


Spell Check

Spell check is a feature that is always on in SEEDS4Schools. Misspelled words will be underlined in red.




Spanish Translation

Some forms now have the option to add a translation of the data which has been added. To add the translation option to a form, go to the student's Student Detail View>Student Details tab, and select English and Spanish for the Background>Make Forms Available in? question.

The edit view of the forms will offer a green Espanol option below is text box/editor to add the translated text to.

When the form is printed it will offer three options to print:


Form Locking/Unlocking

Each form a user has open will be locked from editing from other users. An alert will show how many forms a user has open when they log into more than one form:


When a form is locked, other users will be able to view the form but will not be able to edit until the original user who has the form locked submits the form or a district SEEDS Administrator with the Form Hold Override permission releases the lock on the form. The district SEEDS Administrator, with the Form Hold Override, will have access to the Unlock link as noted below:


A lock icon shown on the student's Student Detail View>Forms and Events tab signifies the form has a lock on it.


  1. Green lock icon denotes the form is locked by the user who is logged in.
  2. Red lock icon denotes the form is locked by another user. Holding the cursor over the red lock icon will show who has the form locked.
  3. A form which is locked by another user can be viewed by clicking on the View link.


Holding a cursor/mouse over the lock icon will show who has the form locked.

There is a Reports>Locked Form report to list which form(s) the users currently has locked and the report will also show SEEDS Administrators all forms which are locked by selected users.




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