Activate / Inactivate


The image below shows the overlay which will display when the Activate link is clicked on. Fill in the:

  • District of Residence
  • Resident School
  • Start Date in New District
  • District of Placement
  • Placement School/School of Attendance

fields and other fields if applicable and then Submit. The new district will then have access to the student's data. 


There are four reasons to inactivate a student and the reasons will display when the gray Activate/Inactivate button, on the student's Student Detail View, is hovered over. The reasons are:

  • Student is physically moving out of the district
  • Student is graduating
  • Student has reached maximum age
  • Student is deceased

All of the student's enrollments must have an End Date added prior to inactivating the student or SEEDS will not allow the student to be inactivated. The student's enrollments can be viewed on the Enrollment tab of the Student Detail View. Click on the name of the class or itinerant service and it will take you to the enrollment page where an end date can be added to that student's enrollment.

After all the enrollments for the student have an end date and all paperwork is finalized, the student can be inactivated. Once the student is inactivated, the district will no longer have access to that student unless the reason for the in-activation was maxed age, graduation or death. Click on the gray Activate/Inactivate button on the student's Student Detail View. A box will pop up and select the End Current District radio button and then click continue. The image below will come up. Select the DPI exit reason for the student, the continuing district if appropriate and the date the student exited.

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