An event organizes all forms to one specific occurrence such as a meeting. Any forms that are needed to complete an event are available through the create forms feature. The available events are:

  • Annual IEP
  • Interim Review
  • Initial and Re-evaluation
  • Service Plan
  • Transfer Student
  • Student Exit
  • Miscellaneous

Creating a New Event

Click on New Event, select the type of event, and click Add Event.

Below are the different events along with the forms available in them.

Annual IEP
A yearly written plan (not to exceed 364 days) to identify a student’s needs and how the needs are going to be serviced.

 Interim Review
A meeting that occurs within the annual IEP year to review the existing IEP. (i.e. manifestation determination, no progress toward annual goal(s) being made). 

Initial and Re-evaluation
The process in which a team gathers data to determine whether a child has (continues to have) an impairment or needs (continues to need) special education.

Transfer Student
A student moves into the boundaries of your school district.

Student Exit
Student no longer attends a special education program within a school district with the exception of RCC.

Service Plan

Miscellaneous Event

Self Assessment Event
This event will pull the existing forms which hold the data being collected for the self assessment. It also includes the S-28 - Directions and Standards for Assessing Compliance which contains the questions on the self assessment.

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