Class Masters / Class Lists

The Class Master is the shell of the class. It must exist before students can be added to the Class List. Some refer to the Class List as case management.

Add Class Master

Click on Enrollments>Add Class Master and then the green Add Class Master button.

  1. Select the school building where the class is.
  2. Enter the name of the class.
  3. Select the Program for the class. The options in this drop down list can be updated under Enrollments>Program Codes.
  4. Enter the Start Date of the school year.
  5. Enter the End Date of the school year.
  6. Enter the number of Membership Days for the school year (e.g. 180).
  7. Select the Case Manager/Primary teacher for this class. Additional Staff members can be added. Only the primary teacher will receive email notifications of upcoming meetings for the student.

Click on the green Add Class Master button to add the Class Master.

Update Class Master

Class Lists

Click on Enrollments>Class Lists and Edit Class List to add students to the Class Master.
Click on the green Enroll Student button.

  • Select the student's Placement District.
  • Add the Default Start Date for this class.
  • Select a Student from the drop down list. Note: Only special ed active students are options in the drop down list.
  • Add Comment if necessary.
  • Click the green Enroll Another Student button to add more students to this list OR
  • Click the green Enroll Student & Return to the List button if there are no more students to add at this time.

Updating Class Lists

  1. Click the green Enroll Student button to enroll additional students to this list.
  2. Click the check box to select this student.
  3. Click this check box to select all of the students on the list.
  4. Click the Delete button to remove the selected students from the list. Note: Only delete the student if they never attended the class. Deleting enrollments will remove historical reporting.
  5. Click the Move button to move students to another class list.
  6. The student's name is a hyperlink to the information on his/her Student Detail View.
  7. Update the student's Start Date in this class.
  8. Add/update the End Date for when the student no longer attends this class.
  9. Adjusted FTE, Att. Mem Days and Att. Days are fields for CESA use only.

Itinerant Service Lists

Itinerant (i.e. a person who travels from place to place) Lists are for staff who move among buildings and/or districts to provide services for students. A few examples would be Speech/Language therapist, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, School Nurse and staff who provide attendant care.

Some of these lists are interfaced with a SBS (Medicaid) billing application.

Note: Itinerant Services must be set up each school year under Enrollments>Itinerant codes

Add a New Itinerant List
Click on Enrollments>Itinerant Lists and then click on the service to add the staff/students to. If the service is not showing, it can be added under Enrollments>Itinerant Codes. The Itinerant Codes need to be added annually.

If the staff already exist on the right hand side, click View Student List to update the student(s) on the list. If the staff is not listed on the right hand side, add them by selecting them from the Add Potential Staff drop down options.

Enrolling Students on Itinerant Lists
Enrollments>Itinerant Lists>click on the service, then View Itinerant List by the staff and then click on the green Enroll Student button.

Select the student's Placement District.
Enter the Default Start Date the student started with the service this school year.
Select a Student from the drop down options.

  1. Enter the Start Date the student first started receiving services this school year.
  2. Check the Eval Only if the staff is only seeing the student for an eval.
  3. Enter the Time & Frequency the staff is seeing this student (Note: if the Time & Frequency information is added here, it will print on reports for the staff member).
  4. Update the Placement District if need be.
  5. Update the Placement School/School of Attendance if need be.
  6. Add any necessary Comment(s).

Updating an Itinerant Enrollment

  1. Secondary Staff may be added to this list. Only the primary staff will get email reminders for upcoming IEP/Eval meetings for the students on this list.
  2. Click the green Enroll Student button to add additional students to the list.
  3. Check the check box to select a student.
  4. Check the check box in the green bar to select all students on the list.
  5. Click here to Delete the selected student(s) on the list. Note: Only students who never received services should be deleted. Add an End Date to students who services have ended for historical reporting reasons.
  6. This Move button has been disabled for this list because of the Medicaid interface.
  7. The student's name is a hyperlink to his/her Student Detail View information.
  8. Add an End Date to students whose services have ended.
  9. Add Time & Frequency of the service. The time and frequency will print out on reports for the staff if it is added here.
  10. Click on the green Edit link to update the student's enrollment information.
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