WISEdata - Initially Signing Up

SEEDS4Schools is EdFi certified and can share special education data with WISEdata.

What is Ed-Fi in relation to SEEDS4Schools?

The "WISEdata Ed-Fi Integration" project replaces individual legacy collection systems (ISES, CWCS, etc.) with a cohesive interoperability collection framework.

Ed-Fi technology has standards for data which make sharing data between two systems (i.e. SEEDS4Schools and WISEdata) possible. On February 16, 2017, DPI rolled out a process to accept Special Education data from a vendor other than the district’s student information system. On July 14, 2017, SEEDS4Schools became Ed-Fi certified.

How to sign up my district

  • Special Education data must be sent from the SIS or SEEDS4Schools, in other words, it can not be sent from the SIS and then from SEEDS4Schools in the same year.
  • The district turns off the sharing of special education data from their SIS.
    • Note: The district may need to leave sharing of special education on in the SIS for previous years to correct outstanding special education errors in WISEdata which were sent from the SIS.
  • The district selects SEEDS4Schools as their 3rd party special education data vendor in WISEdata>Secure Home>Ed-Fi Credentials. This can be done later in July.
  • The district grants the "Create/Edit" WISEdata permission to a SEEDS user under Users Database

What student data needs to be in place prior to sending data?

  • DPI sends the credentials to SEEDS4Schools after the district selects SEEDS as their 3rd party special education data vendor. These credentials allow SEEDS4Schools to share the districts special education data with WISEdata.
  • A WISEid must exist for each student. The Export of Student Data report is a great tool to find which student(s) need a WISEid.
  • The student's Placement School/School of Attendance or the FAPE District/School must match the school (SSA) the student is associated with in WISEdata. The Export of Student Data report is a great tool to find which school the student is associated with in SEEDS4Schools.

Special Education Data shared from SEEDS

  1. The below data will be shared with WISEdata from SEEDS4Schools.
    1. WISEid
    2. sSEPA beginDate - Must be the first day of the school year the student receives spec ed services. A sSEPA record is a snap shot of the student's special ed data which WISEdata collects for the period of time that data is in place. When that data changes, a sSEPA end date is added to the current sSEPA record and if the student is continuing a new sSEPA record is created with a new begin date and a blank end date.
    3. sSEPA endDate - Must be sent if IEP/ISP is revoked or student is no longer eligible or exited or if something has been updated in the students IEP data which WISEdata collects.
    4. iepbeginDate - The implementation date of the most recent IEP
    5. iependDate - The end date of the most recent IEP
    6. Exit Reason - SEEDS4Schools auto generates the exit reason.
      1. If a new sSEPA record is generated, the exit reason is Continuing.
      2. If a consent revoked date is added to the student's Evaluation tab, the exit reason will be Revoked.
      3. If a date is added to the Evaluation Details>Special Ed Dismiss Date field, the reason will be Transferred
      4. If the student is inactivated out of the district, the reason will be Exited.iepbeginDate - The implementation date of the most recent IEP
        iependDate - The end date of the most recent IEP
    7. ideaEligibility - True/False, identifying if a student is IDEA eligible.
    8. lastevaldate - Evaluation Meeting Date
    9. FAPE School - The School/district identifies as accountable for student.
    10. specialEducationSetting  Educational Environment
    11. (for 2018/19 and prior years) widpiParentPlacedPrivate - Identifying if a student is parentally placed at a private school.
    12. wiDpiStudentSpecialEducationProgramAssociationDisabilites  Primary Impairment and Secondary impairments
  2. Data will be posted and return any errors to the district via WISEdash
  3. The data in the listed fields will be sent from SEEDS4Schools to WISEdata when updates are made in SEEDS4Schools.

Be Prepared

A great way to see what data will be sent to WISEdata is to use the Reports>Export of Student Data Report and pull the below fields.

  • WISEid
  • Placement School/
    School of Attendance
  • FAPE District
  • FAPE School
  • Primary Disability
  • Evaluation Meeting
  • IEP/SP Implementation Date
  • IEP/SP Plan End Date
  • All Secondary Disabilities
  • Education Environment

Look at and verify the data in the report prior to sending. 

The data will send at 4:00 PM on the Toolbox>WISEdata Settings>Scheduled Run date and results will be emailed.

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