Adding Users/Updating Permissions

Users Database

Users Database is where staff can be added, staff access can be removed and permissions can be managed.

  1. Click Users Database to add/remove or manage permissions
  2. Drop down status options of Active, Inactive, or All
  3. Click green Add User button to add a new user
  4. Click green Find Staff button to search for staff in the district
  5. Click the Show User Name link to show/hide the usernames for staff
  6. Click the Show Tracking Information link to show/hide the tracking information for staff
  7. User Names, the list defaults to this sort
  8. The level of the user  S= Super Admin, A=Admin, D=District User, (Staff) means the user's name will be an option in the drop-down options to attach to a class or itinerant list.
  9. The Title of the user
  10. Who the user was Created By
  11. The user was added on the Created Date
  12. The number of times the user logged in
  13. The date the user Last Login
  14. Actions which can be clicked on
  15. View allows permissions to be viewed
  16. Edit allows access to the permission form
  17. Delete removes the user from the database

Adding a New User

Click on the green Add User button


  1. The District drop down will default to the district you are attached to
  2. Users First Name
  3. User's Last Name
  4. User's Title
  5. User's Email address
  6. User Name uses the user's initial of his/her first name and his/her last name. If that combination is already taken, use the full first name and last name.
  7. SEEDS will create a random Password. The password will not be visible. When the user first logs in they are mandated to update the password. Advise users to use the Forgot Password link on the login page to receive an email with a link to update their password.
  8. Select User or Admin for the Admin Level 
    1. Admin can:
      1. Delete a user if they have Users Database permissions
      2. Create another Admin level user if they have Users Database permissions
      3. Enrollments - access the Staff List
      4. Enrollments>Maintain Itinerant Codes
      5. Enrollments>Maintain Program codes

District Admin Permissions

  1. WISEdata Settings - this permission allows the user to Create/Edit WISEdata settings
  2. District Support- this permission allows the user to Create/Edit the support staff for the district
  3. Users Database - this permission allows the user to Create/Edit users permissions under Users Database.

District Access

Select the district(s) this user should have access to. If the user is shared between districts, see the Enrollment Section Permisssion>Associate staff with the following district(s) below. If the user should be restricted to students by a school, submit the user by clicking on the green Add User button.

Then go back into the user's permissions by clicking Edit in the Actions column by the user's name.

Select the school(s) the user needs access to by

  1. Click on the Update School link
  2. Select the school(s) from the drop-down list.

Enrollment Section Permissions

  1. Editing Level
    None = no access to edit enrollments
    Read Only = View only access to the enrollments
    Create/Edit = Access to create, edit and delete enrollment data and access to district-wide reporting
  2. Staff Access to Case Load - add this user as an option in the drop-down options to select to add to a class or itinerant list
  3. Associate staff with the following district(s) - select the district(s) the user should be included in the drop-down options to add to a class or itinerant list
  4.  View all students in the district and all reports or View just students on class/itinerant list - should this user have access to all students in the district or just the student(s) on his/her list
  5. Access to next year's caseload - Staff can see the student(s) on his/her next years class/itinerant list on July 15th. Click this box if the user can see their list prior to July 15th. This option is unchecked annually on July 15th.

Student Detail View Permissions

  1. Editing Level
    None = no access
    Read Only = view only
    = ability to update and add students into SEEDS4Schools
    Students Limit 
    = edit student address, phone number, and parent section

  2. Activate/Inactivate - Activate a student into the district or inactivate a student out of the district for the reason of 
    1. They physically moved out of the district
    2. Death
    3. Max Age
    4. Graduated
  3. Historical View - View the historical changes which were made
  4. SEPA Data - Access and update the WISEdata>SEPA data 

Forms Permissions

  1. Editing Level
    None  = no access
    Read Only 
    = view only
    = ability to create and update forms
  2. Copy Forms = ability to copy forms, in final format, to an existing or new event
  3. Create Form Templates = ability to create an A-1 Referral Form or IEP Checklist in Word format
  4. Data Collection Copy Button = access to a checkbox on the data collection form and on the S-8 Transfer form which will copy the data in the highlighted fields to the Student Detail View
  5. Delete Forms & Events = full delete rights which means the data is removed from the database without an option to retrieve it. Without this permission, users can delete a form and it will go into a deleted forms view with the option to retrieve it.
  6. Form Hold Override = the ability to access the edit page of a form while another user has that form locked. WARNING - the data from the last one to submit will be the data which exists. So, for example, if the form is access to release the lock and submitted with a blank form and the blank form will over-write the data the first user has entered. Use the permission with caution to avoid data loss.
  7. Move Forms = the ability to move forms from event to event, including form(s) from the previous school year
  8. View Change Log and Access Log = the ability to see who has accessed and/or made changes to the form including the date and time
  9. Eval/IEP Reminder Emails = this permission will have SEEDS4Schools send the staff email reminders when their students' IEP/Eval meeting dates are due in 60, 40, and 14 days.

  1.  Click the green Add User button to add the user
  2. Click the gray Cancel button to remove the data entered

Updating Permissions and Removing Users Access

Click on Edit to update the permissions for a user.

Un-check the Active check box to remove a user's access to SEEDS4Schools.

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