SEEDS Change Log through 08-10-2018


Google Single-Sign On

  • SEEDS now has the option to sign in with your email address if you have a matching Google account.

Users Database

  • All districts can now add/update their own staff permissions under Users Database (available by permission only).

Email Support

  • Email for district support request is available under the Help menu.
    • The staff populated in the Partner Support Staff drop down have a
      • Admin Level = Admin
      • Users Database = Create/Edit
      • Email isn't blank
    • The request will go directly to the district support person via email
    • The email address will be the support person(s) selected under Toolbox>District Support
    • This permission is available by the District Admin>District Support permission only.

Terminology changes

  • Interim is now Review/Revise
  • Instructional Services is now Program Summary
  • Parents is now Parent(s)
  • Specially Designed Physical Education is now Adapted Physical Education

SEEDS4Schools Data Sharing with WISEdata Data Enhancements

  • In the 2017-18 school year, SEEDS4Schools became Ed-Fi compliant and can share special education data, for your district, directly from SEEDS4Schools rather than from your district’s student information system sending it. The data is sent real time, which means when the data is updated in SEEDS4Schools, a sSEPA (student Special Education Program Associations) record is sent from SEEDS4Schools to WISEdata. The below SEEDS4Schools fields are included in the sSEPA record:

    • WISEid
    • Birthdate
    • sSEPA Begin Date
    • sSEPA End Date
    • IEP Implementation Date (IEP/Service Plan Implementation)
    • IEP End Date (IEP/Service Plan End)
    • Last Eval Date
    • FAPE School​
    • Special Education Setting (Education Environment)
    • Private School status
    • Primary and Secondary Disability(s)
  • Updates in 2018-19 include SEPA data showing a green checkmark when the data in SEEDS4Schools matches what is in WISEdata. When data in SEEDS4Schools does not match what is in WISEdata, it shows in red.
  • Access the SEEDS4Schools WISEdata articles for more information regarding sharing special education data in SEEDS4Schools with WISEdata.


Student contact information can be made private.

  • A Contact Information is Private checkbox option has been added to the Student Detail Tab and Parent Guardian Tab, and when it is checked the demographics for that student will be removed from all forms in that event.
  • Support activating a student who is currently attached to another district
    • There is a link to request inactivation from the district the student is currently attached. An email requesting an inactivation of the student will be sent to the SEEDS4Schools Administrator of the current district to please inactive the student.
  • Adaptive Physical Education is now tracked as a Program under the Evaluation Details Tab.


Student Forms and Adult Student Forms are combined in one drop down for ease of use.

  • Adult student forms are indented and noted by AS Adult Student after the form name.

Form Signature .pdf Uploads Option Available

  • A-1  Referral Form
  • A-3  Notice and Consent Regarding Need to Conduct Additional Assessments
  • A-6  IEP Team Evaluation Report including Eligibility Determination
  • I-1   Invitation to IEP Meeting
  • I-1-S3 Request To Invite Birth To 3 Program Representative(s)To The Initial IEP Meeting
  • I-1-S4 Request To Invite Others With Knowledge or Special Expertise To An IEP Meeting
  • I-1-S5 Request to Invite Outside Agency Representative(s) to the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meeting
  • I-4 Parent Consent for Placement
  • I-5S Parent Revocation of Consent for Special Education
  • S-7  Permission to Obtain and Release Information
  • S-9  Invitation to Services Plan Meeting
  • S-13 Assignment of Surrogate Parent
  • S-18 Consent to Maintain Behavioral Records
  • S-20 Consent to Bill Wis Medicaid for Medically-Related Special Education
  • The option to upload is available on the Student Detail View under the Actions column. To view the upload, click on the View File link under the specific form.

Spanish Forms

  • Spanish forms are available if they are needed for the student on the student detail.
    • Student Detail View>Student Details Tab>Background Section> choose "English and Spanish"
  • Every question on the form will be available in English and Spanish with a text area to add the translation.
  • There are three options to print: English, Spanish, or Both
  • Spanish versions released for:
    • A-1 - Referral Form
    • A-2 - Notice of Receipt of Referral or Notice of Reevaluation

Transfer Event

  • The latest IEP, from within the last year, will be included when a transfer event is created.

A-3 - Notice and Consent Regarding Need to Conduct Additional Assessments and A-4 - Notice That No Additional Assessments are Needed

  • The order of questions II. and III. have been revised
    • II.  List all involved on A-2 and their input (including dates):
      III. Documentation of parent(s) involvement (including dates and method) and their input:

A-6 - IEP Team Evaluation Report including Eligibility Determination

  • IV. IEP Team Determination Questions B. 1- 4 have been revised
    • 1. List modifications or accommodations, if any, that can be made in the regular education program (such as adaptation of content, methodology, or delivery of instruction to meet the students needs) that the evaluation indicates may assist the student with access, engagement, and progress in grade level general education curriculum, instruction, and environment:
    • 2. List student needs, if any, that have been identified through the evaluation that cannot be met through the regular education program as structured at the time the evaluation was conducted:
    • 3.  List additions or modifications, if any, which are not provided through the general education curriculum (including replacement content, expanded core curriculum and other supports) that the evaluation indicates may assist the student with access, engagement, and progress in grade level general education curriculum, instruction, and Environment:
    • 4. By reason of the identified impairment(s) that adversely affects the student's education performance, does the student need special education (specially designed instruction)? Yes or No


  • Tab I. PLAAFP Question 3. Review of Previous Goals
    • The IEP Team Review in the overlay showing the goals from the previous IEP is now editable and will update the data in the previous IEP.
  • Tab II. Assessments
    • C. District Wide Assessments Question 3. If the IEP team determines the student will take an alternate assessment, the IEP must describe why the student cannot participate in the regular assessment, why the particular alternate district-wide assessment is appropriate and contain a statement of any needed accommodations.
  • Tab IV Goals and Objectives
    • Question B. Measurable Annual Academic or Functional Goal has a green question mark with a link to Wisconsin’s Academic Standards found on   DPI’s website.
    • IEP Team Review - If goal is not met, two text boxes with updated questions are now included.
  • Tab V Program Summary
    • Supplementary Aids & Services and Program Modifications or Supports For School Personnel have a “Spec. Ed & Gen. Ed” option added under Location.
    • All rows with Special Education or Spec Ed & Gen Ed selected as the location will copy over to tab VI.Least Restrictive Environment

I-3-S8 - IEP Subform - Non-SEEDS Transfer

  • NEW FORM - available in the Transfer Event only. This form is to upload an IEP from a non-SEEDS district.

S-10- Services Plan

  • Add a goal section similar to the I-3 IEP
  • Data is included on the IEP Data Report (Can print progress reports in bulk)

S-23 - Communication Options for Families

  • This form can now be copied

S-27 - Transition Planning for Families

  • This form can now be copied


  • Adaptive Physical Education is now in the Program drop down located in the Impairment Information section.
    • If the Update Student Detail View checkbox is selected before saving, this will automatically be updated under Evaluation Details Tab in the student information.

IEP Review

  • On tab III Summary, there will be an option to select the names of individuals from your contacts to send an email for review.
  • That person will then get an email stating the IEP is ready to review with a hyperlink to that student’s DC.


IEP Planning Sheet

  • Implementation date has been added
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