SEEDS Change Log through 09-06-2018


Help Menu

  • English Word Doc was relabeled to Word Docs
  • Email Support Request updated to send the email support request to the CESA which supports that district


I-2 Cover Sheet

  • Bug fix for the form not being able to submit as Final or Draft


  • Tab V Program Summary
    • Bug fix for the validation which required text in the box as well as a drop-down selected.
  • Progress Monitoring tab
    • Fixed a spelling error for below - bellow

I-3-S3 - IEP Subform - Extended School Year

  • Specify all needed services section:
    • Related Goals and Disability-Related Needs data from the I-3 IEP were added.

Data Collection Form

  • Tab III. Summary
    • Update Student Detail View checkbox option will remove Interim Meeting date from the Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab if that meeting option is not selected on Tab I Eval/IEP. The Historical View will show the history of the Interim Meeting date being updated.

Spanish versions released for:

  • A-2-S - Notice of Agreement that a Three-Year Reevaluation Not Needed
  • A-3 - Notice and Consent Regarding Need to Conduct Additional Assessments
  • A-4 - Notice That No Additional Assessments are Needed
  • A-6 - IEP Team Evaluation Report including Eligibility Determination
  • A-7 - Notice of IEP Team Findings of Non-Eligibility for Special Education
  • I-3 - IEP
  • I-3-S5 - IEP Subform - Notice of Changes to IEP Without an IEP Team Meeting
  • I-1 - Invitation to IEP Meeting
  • I-1-S1 - Student Invitation to IEP Meeting
  • I-2 - IEP Meeting Participants Present Documentation - Cover Sheet
  • I-4 - Parent Consent for Placement
  • S-7 - Permission to Obtain and Release Information
  • S-23 - Communication Options for Families


Assessment Accommodations Report

  • Bug fix for when the report was exported to a pdf format

Birth to 3 report

  • Bug fix to show Zero Students Found instead of a blank page

IEP Data Report

  • The 2nd page of the options was revised to be clearer on whether the IEP's for students must include All of the Included Data options selected or Any of the Included Data options.
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