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Social Media Feed Setup

Many of CMS4Schools’s theme, premium theme, and custom designs include options for social media feeds. In order for a social media feed to function probably, there are some access IDs needed from your organization. See the links below for each time of social media.

When providing CMS4Schools with the social media IDs, please send the following:

  1. URL link to the social media page
  2. Access Token / Passcodes

Note: Please do not send a screenshot. Our development team is not accurately able to gather the information from a screenshot.


Before You Begin

The Twitter profile must be public in order for the posts to show in a feed.

Setting Up the App

  1. Go to
  2. Log in using the organization’s Twitter account.
  3. Select Create New App.

  4. Fill out application.
    1. Use your organization then ‘Social Feed’ as the Name.
    2. For the description, add this as the description ‘Feed public posts to the website from OrgName’s Twitter account’.
    3. Add your primary domain.
    4. Check the Developer Agreement check box.
    5. Select Create your Twitter Application.
  5. Select the Keys and Access Tokens tab.
  6. At the bottom of that page, select Create my access token.
  7. Send the following information to your project manager:
    1. Twitter Profile URL
    2. Consumer Key (Copy and Paste, screenshots will not be accepted)
    3. Consumer Secret (Copy and Paste, screenshots will not be accepted)
    4. Access Token (Copy and Paste, screenshots will not be accepted)
    5. Access Token Secret (Copy and Paste, screenshots will not be accepted)



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