Existing WISEdata Data Sharing Annual Configuration

To get started sharing WISEdata for the 2019-20 school year, please follow these steps:

  • Enrollment data must be sent from your district’s Student Information System (SIS) prior to sending the data from SEEDS4Schools using the scheduled start date in the WISEdata Settings.
  • Verify the student’s school of placement in SEEDS4Schools matches the school that the student is enrolled in the SIS. Run the Export of Student Data Report from the SEEDS4Schools Reports section to get a list of students, grade, and placement school to use as a guide.

Under the Toolbox menu, click on WISEdata Settings in order to complete the necessary information.

  • Verify the district name in the District field.
  • Enter the Begin Date for 2019-2020 School Year.
  • If a school has a different begin date than the district begin date, click on Edit for the school listed in order to set the begin date.
  • Enter the Scheduled Run Date for 2019-20. The data will be sent at 4:00 PM on that day and the results will be emailed to the staff who filled out the Scheduled Run date.
  • Verify the email address is correct. If it needs to be updated, go to prefill settings and change your email prior to the scheduled run date.

After the initial submission of special education data from SEEDS4Schools to WISEdata, SEEDS4Schools will send any updated data in real-time.

To help relieve the amount of work as the first snapshot date (December 10, 2019) approaches, it is strongly recommended to check errors in WISEdata on a regular basis. Also, to help ensure data integrity use the WISEdata Comparison Report in the SEEDS4Schools Reports section.

If you have questions regarding the data in SEEDS4Schools, please contact If the question is in regards to the data in WISEdata or errors, please contact your CESA's WISEdata support staff or contact DPI.

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