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The Scholarship Database is designed for high school guidance offices as a place to store all relevant information and forms for each scholarship offered in the district. Scholarships are categorized allowing flexibility for displaying them on a designated page i.e. Math, Science, Art, etc. When paired with the main body Scholarships tool, it creates a web resource for students and parents.

The Scholarship Database and Scholarship tool are only available for the main website and not available on faculty pages. We recommend that the guidance office is given permissions to the Scholarship Database and a page or pages dedicated to displaying scholarship opportunities. If the guidance counselor has faculty pages he or she can include a link to the main website page(s) where scholarships are shown.

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Access Scholarship Database



Click on the Announcements Database link on the Main Website Administration toolbar along the left side. The Announcements Database page will display.

Note: If you do not see the left-side link, you do not have permission to access the database. Permission to access the Scholarship Database is given in the 4Schools Users Database Web Site Admin subtab.

Scholarship Database Options

Note: If you are accessing the Scholarship Database for the first time, you will need to create at least one scholarship category before the scholarship database is available.


  1. Add Scholarship: Select to add a new scholarship to the database. See the Add Scholarship Section below.
  2. Scholarship Categories: Select to access the Scholarship Categories screen where you can view, add, update, and delete scholarship categories. See the Scholarship Categories section below.
  3. Scholarship: Displays the name of the scholarship
  4. Category: Display the category the scholarship belongs to
  5. Start Date/Time: Displays the date/time the scholarship will start displaying on the website
  6. End Date/Time: Displays the date/time the scholarship will be removed from the website
  7. Active: If Yes, the scholarship is active and will display on the website. If No, the scholarship will not be displayed on the website
  8. Attachments: Select to open the Add Attachment screen to add an attachment to the scholarship. See the Add Attachments section below.
  9. Update: Select to be able to update any of the scholarship information.
  10. Delete: Select to permanently delete the scholarship from the database.

Scholarship Categories

Creating categories lets you group the scholarships and then display a specific group or groups using the Scholarship tool. If you have relatively few scholarships and want them all to display on a single web page, create a single category named “General” and add all the scholarships to that category.


  1.  Add Scholarship Category: Select to add a new scholarship category. See the Add Scholarship Category section below.
  2. Update: Update the name of a current scholarship category.
  3. Delete: Delete a category. You are only able to delete categories that don’t have any assigned scholarships. If there is a scholarship in the category, N/A: # scholarship(s) exist will display in place of the delete option.

 Add Scholarship Category

On the Scholarship Categories screen, select Add Scholarship Categories.


Enter the category name and select. Once the categories have been created, you can start adding scholarships to the database.

Add Scholarship

In the Scholarship Database, select Add Scholarship to open the Add Scholarship screen.


*Indicates required fields

  1.  *Scholarship: Enter the title of the scholarship
  2. *Category: Select the category from the list


    *Due Date: Enter the due date for the scholarship and all its associated materials


    *Amount: Enter the award amount


    *Start Date and *Start Time: Enter the date and time the scholarship should appear on the website


    *End Date and *End Time: Enter the date and time the scholarship should be removed from the website


    Requirements: Enter any requirements for the scholarship


    Awards: Enter any additional information about the award(s) for the scholarship


    Other Information: Enter any additional information you would like to provide about the scholarship


Select Add to create the scholarship.

Add Attachment

In the Scholarship Database, select the Attachments link for the scholarship you would like to add an attachment to. If this is the first attachment, the Add Attachment screen will open. If there are already attachment(s) connected to the scholarship, select to an add attachment option from the Scholarship Attachments screen.


  1. Position After: Choose the position of the attachment. The first attachment added will only have the "Place at top" option. When there is more than one attachment, you can select the item you want to add the attachment after.
  2. Attachment Title: Enter the title of the attachment.
  3. Type: There are 3 different types of attachments that can be added to a scholarship


      Link to File: Allows you to upload any of the designated file types.


      Website Link: Allows you to have a link to another website.


      Text: Allows you to add additional text that will display as expand/collapse content within the scholarship

Select Add to save the attachment.

Scholarship Attachments

As attachments are added they will be shown on the Scholarships Attachments screen.


  1. Add to the Top/Add to the Bottom: Select to add an additional attachment to the top or bottom of the list of attachments
  2. Type: Indicates if the attachment is a file, website link, or text attachment type
  3. Insert After: Select to add an additional attachment after the selected item
  4. Up/Down: Move the attachment up or down in the list
  5. Update: Opens the update attachment screen where the attachment name and information can be updated. Note: You will not be able to modify the type of the attachment.
  6. Delete: Delete the selected item
  7. Preview: Will allow you to open the URL for website links and open the file for file attachments. You are not able to preview text type attachments.

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