Scholarships Tool

The Scholarships Tool displays all or selected categories of the scholarships added to the Scholarships Database. All scholarships are stored in the Scholarships Database and displayed on the website using the Scholarships Tool. The Scholarships Tool can be added to the Main Body of a page.

Scholarships Tool Properties



  1. Default Sort: Select Due Date or Scholarship Name as the default sort order for the tool
  2. Scholarship Categories: Select which scholarship categories you would like to be displayed

    Note: If no Scholarship Categories are selected, then all Scholarship Categories will be displayed.


Select Submit to add the Scholarships tool to the page.

Scholarship Tool Options


  1. edit: Add/edit/remove tool heading, change tool status to inactive/active, or schedule a status change. See the Edit Announcements Tool section below for more details
  2. Edit Scholarship Tool Properties: This opens the Edit Scholarship Tool Properties screen. You can change the default sort and the categories of scholarships that will be displayed
  3. Add/Edit/Delete Scholarships: Opens the Scholarships Database
  4. Move: Change the location of this tool to another page by selecting the desired category and page
  5. Preview: Opens a new tab to preview the page
  6. Delete: Deletes the tool from the page

Scholarships Tool Display



  1. Category: Select from the dropdown list and select Search to display all of the available scholarships in the selected category.
  2. Keyword: Enter a keyword and select search to display all of the available scholarships containing the keyword
  3. Sort By:  Select from the list to change the sort order of the scholarships


    The Scholarships will display in a collapsed format with Scholarship Name, Category, Due Date, and Amount displaying.
  5. Print Short List: Select to display a printable list of the scholarships in the collapsed format.
  6. Print Expanded List: Select to display a printable list of the scholarships and all their associated information


Selecting the “+” plus next to the scholarship name will expand the scholarship to show the Awards, Other Information, and Attachments that have been added to the scholarship. The scholarship can also be collapsed again by selecting the “-” minus.

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