Access Users Database

From your 4Schools account, select the Users Database in the Utility Navigation.
Note: The User Database link in the Utility Navigation bar will only be visible if the user logged in has been given permissions to the user database.

location of Users Database link

Add User

The default screen when entering the Users Database is the SEARCH/MANAGE screen.

location of Add User link

To add a single user, select +ADD USER. This will open the ADD USER screen.

Add User screen

  1. *External Student Info System ID: Can be any designated ID. If you wish, this ID can be matched to the user's ID within your SIS, but that is not required. This field must be unique.
  2. *First Name and *Last Name fields are required.
  3. Email, Phone, and Position/Title are not required. The user account may be edited at a later time to add this information.
  4. Groups: If groups have been created within the 4Schools database, they will be listed in the left-hand column. The user can be added to the group by moving the group name(s) over to the Selected section on the right.
    Note: These groups are not to be confused with CMS4Schools groups.
  5. *User Name is a required field for each user.
  6. *Passwords can be typed in or generated randomly. Select a radio button if you wish to force a new password when the user logs in the first time.
  7. Email Password if you wish an email to be sent to the user containing their Username/Password. A password must have been entered above.
  8. Is Active? checkbox gives you the ability to create a user and keep them Inactive until a later date and/or make a user Inactive when they leave the district. We recommend Inactivating a User for some time rather than deleting them immediately just in case files or pages are connected to their account.

Add to complete the user account creation.

Search for Users

Search/Manage screen

  1. Use the First Name, Last Name, Username, or External Student Info System ID fields to enter specific user information.
  2. Select a Group from the dropdown to narrow the search down to users belonging to a specific group.
  3. Select Only Active Users or Only Inactive Users to narrow the search to to active or inactive users.
  4. Select an option in from the list to sort by "Last Name, First Name", "First Name, Last Name", or "Username, Last Name, First Name" The default sort order is "Last Name, First Name".
  5. Click the Search button to display the results. If no information is entered in the search fields (1-4), all users will be displayed.
  6. The users matching your search criteria will be displayed below the search criteria. The Last Name, First Name, and Username will always display.
    • If your district has 4Schools applications other than CMS4Schools, their permissions level will display. If there is a link displayed in the Folder Usage column you know that the user has a faculty site in CMS4Schools.
    • The Auto Login link will display when the logged in user has a faculty site and is the best way to log into one of your user's sites if they need help with something on their pages.
    • The edit user pencil will allow you to edit the user's account.
    • The Delete link will delete the user, but any CMS4Schools Faculty website information associated with the User Account will remain. In order to delete content for the website, you will first need to remove the name of the Faculty Folder on the CMS4Schools Faculty tab prior to deleting the user. This is a safeguard to prevent website content from being inadvertently deleted. See the Delete User section below for more information.
  7. Use this link to email the users listed in the table their username, password, and link to login to the applications they have permissions to use.

Delete User

The Delete link will delete the user and all faculty pages associated with that user.
Note: There will always be one user in your list that does not have a Delete link. That user is the super admin who has access to all aspects of 4Schools applications administration.

We recommend that you inactivate rather than delete a user if there is any content on their faculty pages that you may need at some time in the future.

confirm deletion of user screen

After selecting Delete, you will see a message asking you to confirm that you want to delete the user. Select Delete to permanently delete the user and all their data and files.

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