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Import Users can be used to add initial users when CMS4Schools is first purchased, to update users and/or add multiple new users at one time. If users already exist, the Export feature can be used to create a spreadsheet with the proper headers and then edited to be used as the import file. See the Users Database - Export Users article for more information about exporting users, or use the Import Template attached to this article.

Access Users Database


From you 4Schools account, select Users Database in the Utility Navigation.
Note: The User Database link in the Utility Navigation bar will only be visible if the user logged in has been given permissions to the user database.

Import Users

In the Users Database, select IMPORT USERS to open the Import Users screen. 


If you choose to create your own import file, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a spreadsheet using the columns described in the first row of the spreadsheet.
    For example, in Cell A1 enter External Student System Info ID, in cell B1 enter First Name and continue across Row 1 entering field Names.
    • Even if your district/organization only uses a single 4Schools product, an import file must contain columns A - AS as well as column AT, containing the filler “x” for every row used. Only columns A-D and AT must contain data. The other columns may be blank if desired and the information updated by editing an individual user account.
    •  Uncheck any field at the far right column that should not be updated in the import process. If a box is checked and the corresponding column in the spreadsheet is blank, existing user data for that field will be removed.
    • To help ensure a successful import file, delete several columns to the right of column AT and several rows below the last row containing a user’s account data.
  2. Fill in the spreadsheet with the appropriate data values. 
    • * (asterisks) indicate fields that are required for a successful import.
    • The last column Filler must contain an "x" for every record. Verify the first and last columns do not contain any blank entries.
  3. Enter a check if the first row contains column headers.
  4. Save the spreadsheet as a tab delimited .txt
  5. Using the Choose file button at the bottom of this page, locate the file.
  6. Select the checkbox for "Yes, email passwords to the imported users.", if you would like an email to be sent to all imported users when the import is complete.
    Uncheck the Email Password box if you do not want the user’s passwords mailed out. If there is no email address in column J or already in the Users Database the password cannot be sent.

Select Import to complete the import.


A screen listing the imported users will display after the import is complete. Use the Click here to continue link to return to the Users Database.

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