SEEDS Change Log through 10-19-2018


Student Detail View

Students Tab

  • Bug fix to be able to save the Medicaid consent data

Parent Details Tab

  • The default of checked was updated to un-checked for the Parent Contact Information Is Private

Historical Data View

  • Bug fix for a user who could not see what data was updated

Access to Student

  • Adjustments were made to remove access to students who are open enrolled or tuition waivered out of the district


Locked Forms

  • When a user has SEEDS4Schools open in multiple tabs, the lock on the form only exists in the form they are currently viewing and this allows other users to access the forms they have open in other tabs in the browser, which results in lost data. Attempts were made to add a lock to all forms the user has open. This resulted in not being able to remove a lock on a form the user did not close properly. The team is continuing to work on this.

I-3 -IEP

  • Bug fix to attempt to solve the missing data in tab V
  • Bug fix to solve the mysterious creation of the I-3-S7 - IEP Subform - Participation Guidelines for Alternate Assessment form
  • Bugs regarding the Spanish Translation were fixed

I-3-S5 - IEP Subform - Notice of Changes to IEP Without an IEP Team Meeting

  • Add a checkmark to the print view when N/A is selected for Other options that the IEP Team considered and the reasons why those options were rejected: 

I-3-S8 - IEP Subform - Non-SEEDS Transfer

  • Bug fix for error received when trying to view the pdf which was uploaded

I-5AS - Adult Student Withdrawal of Consent for Placement

  • A bug was fixed for an error message received

S-7AS - Adult Student Permission to Obtain and Release Information

  • Update to allow this form to be created more than once in an event

S-8 Special Education Child-Transfer Registration form

  • Formatting in the print view was fixed

S-10 - Services Plan

  • Added text editors for the below fields:
    • Baseline (child's current level of performance from which progress toward this goal will be measured
    • Level of Attainment (Must relate to the baseline measurement and reflect progress)
    • Procedure for measuring the child's progress toward meeting the annual goal from baseline to level of attainment

S-28 - Directions and Standards for Assessing Compliance

IEP Check List

  • Updates were made to the links to the previous goal to attach the links to the goals from the 2nd to last I-3 IEP

Spanish versions released for:

  • I-1-S2 - Agreement that IEP Team Participant not Required to Attend IEP Meeting
  • I-1-S3 - Request To Invite Birth To 3 Program Representative(s) To The Initial IEP Meeting
  • I-1-S4 - Request To Invite Others With Knowledge or Special Expertise To An IEP Meeting
  • I-1-S5 - Request to Invite Outside Agency Representative(s) to the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Meeting
  • I-3-S7 - IEP Subform - Participation Guidelines for Alternate Assessment
  • S-1 - Notice of Agreement to Extend Timeline


IEP Data Report

  • Update and tweaks to the report to pull Any vs All data elements selected


  • Updates were made to fine-tune the sharing of SEPA data with WISEdata

Kompas Care

  • Updates to the User interface 
  • Updates to the Student/Enrollment interface


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