4Schools User Account Permissions

All 4Schools user permissions are managed via the user's account in the Users Database.

Access User Account

From within the Users Database, use the Search/Manage option to find the desired user account. Select the edit pencil next to the user to access the user's account.


4Schools Tab | User Information Section

The 4Schools tab contains the user information and permissions that are the same for all 4Schools applications.


4Schools User Information tab contains the first eleven fields of data from the “+Add User” screen. Basic user information may be added/edited here.

4Schools Tab | Account Information Section

  1. Groups: Users can be added or removed from Groups using the Add/Remove buttons. 
  2. User Name: The username can be edited.
  3. Current Password: The user's password can be viewed.
  4. Password and Confirm Password: The user's password can be updated.
  5. Is Active: Set the user as Active (checked) or Inactive (unchecked).

4Schools Tab | Permissions Section

The 4Schools Permissions section gives permissions to the User Accounts database.


If the User Accounts Administrator check box is not checked, the information within the blue rectangle will not be visible. The checkboxes within the blue rectangle control which Tabs and Information screens will show for a user with access to the Users Accounts Database. Check the box(es) that apply to the user. One user in the district should have access to all Tabs and Information screens in case the user managing a specific application is not available, or the permissions for that user need to be changed.

As stated before, only a very few people should be assigned to manage the Users Database. Individuals with access to the Users Database will be able to see all passwords as well as having the ability to edit/assign permissions and create new users.

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