SEEDS Change Log through 11-02-2018



Reports>WISEdata Comparison report

  • Debugging for the data in the Matching SEPA data column. Until the bug is found, it will list Yes? for students who may have a mismatch and the mismatch is usually the exit reason if there is a mismatch.
  • Updates to have the Special Ed Dismiss Date add a SEPA end date and the Transferring exit reason   


Locked Forms

  • When a user has SEEDS4Schools open in multiple tabs, the lock on the form only exists in the form they are currently viewing and this allows other users to access the forms they have open in other tabs in the browser, which results in lost data. Attempts were made to add a lock to all forms the user has open. This resulted in not being able to remove a lock on a form the user did not close properly. The team is continuing to work on this.

2011/12 A-1 - Referral Form

  • Bug fix for the print view

A-2-S - Notice of Agreement that a Three-Year Reevaluation Not Needed

  • Turned off autocomplete for the district and school form fields. The forms were autofilling data from the browser's autofill.

A-2AS - Adult Student Notice of Receipt of Referral or Notice of Reevaluation

  • Prefill the last evaluation date from the Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab if the school district received a request for re-evaluation on is selected


    • Bug fix for the Spanish translation saving in the wrong field
  • Tab V. PROGRAM SUMMARY Edit view 
    • The below guidance was added to the tab: 
      Adapting, as appropriate to the needs of an eligible student, the content, methodology, or delivery of instruction to address the unique needs of the student that result from the student's disability; and ensure access of the student to the general curriculum, so the student can meet the educational standards of the public agency that apply to all students.
    • Bug fix to include tab Location information when the form is copied

I-3-S5 - IEP Subform - Notice of Changes to IEP Without an IEP Team Meeting

  • Update to have a separate form print for each Dear

I-3-S8 - IEP Subform - Non-SEEDS Transfer

  • Bug fix for when more than one pdf file is uploaded

I-5S - Parent Revocation of Consent for Special Education

  • Add the words School District to the below sentence
    • I understand the ________ School District will promptly provide me with a prior written notice explaining when my child's special education and related services will stop.

I-5AS - Adult Student Withdrawal of Consent for Placement

  • Bug fix for data that was not saving

S-23 - Communication Options for Families

  • Verbiage updates to match DPI's form


Eval Time Line 

  • Removed students who are open enrolled out of the district

IEP Data

  • Bug fix for missing location information



  • The list of SEEDS4Schools districts was updated
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