Self-Assessment Event

The Self-Assessment Event will help gather the forms to answer the questions for the self-assessment.

Begin by searching for a student on your list of sample students.  In Student Detail View for that student, click on the green New Event button and select Self-Assessment Event.  This will trigger a new event to be created in SEEDS4Schools.


SEEDS4Schools will automatically bring forward forms in the Self Assessment Event you may need to review for the PCSA (Procedural Compliance Self-Assessment). These forms will be in read-only format. SEEDS4Schools will also automatically create the S-28 - Directions and Standards for Assessing Compliance.  The S-28 is editable and can be used for documenting your paperwork review for the PCSA.


Helpful Hints

In order for your ad hoc committee to have access to all of the sample students, you may want to give them district access for the period of time they are working on the paperwork review. You do this by going into Users Database to Edit the permissions of the user who will be assisting you. Under Enrollment Level Permissions, select View all students in district and all reports


This will allow users to access all students within your district, so be sure to return to this section and select View just students on class/itinerant list if you would like to once again limit their access to just their class list.

To check to make sure all of the students on your random sample have been reviewed, use the Forms Status Report. Select Your District > Current School Year > Only Have Form > Placement District for your first sort.


Then select the S-28 in the Forms drop down.


You will be able to see which students have the S-28, and if that form is in draft or final.  It also has a hyperlink to the actual form for that student.


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