Display Website Calendar Events on Your Personal Calendar

Any visitor to your website can generate an iCal feed from a Calendar of Events tool for the event categories they are interested in and add a feed to their personal calendar (including Google and iCloud Calendars).

Note: The Include iCal Icon will need to be set to selected in the Calendar of Events tool for visitors to be able to complete this configuration.

Generate iCal URL

Navigate to a webpage with a Calendar of Events tool.


  1. Select the desired categories you would like to be displayed on your personal calendar.
  2. Select View Events and verify the event categories you would like are displaying.
  3. Select the iCal Icon to generate an iCal Feed. Selecting this icon will open a new tab containing the iCal Feed Subscription URL.


Add iCal URL to your Calendar App

Copy the iCal Feed Subscription URL and add it to your Calendar app.

Add the URL to your iCloud Calendar Subscription

Add the URL to your Google Calendar using a link



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