AddingUpdating SEEDS Administrative Permissons

Administrative Permissions 

To add or update permissions for a staff member who is in the administrative position of maintaining data in SEEDS for the district, the user logged in must first have those permissions to be able to grant them to another user. Below are permissions suggested for a SEEDS administrator with further explanation of what the permission allows.


  1. Admin Level of Admin

    • An Admin user can add/update itinerant and program codes for the district(s) they have access to.
    • An Admin user has access to the Invoicing module. The invoice module is mainly used by CESAs to invoice districts for the services/supplies districts purchase from them.

District Admin Section

  1. WISEdata Settings

    • Create/Edit allows the user access to Toolbox>WISEdata Settings where the Begin Date for the school year is added and where the Scheduled Run Date for 20XX-20XX School Year date for the district can be scheduled to send the whole districts SEPA for all students at one time.
  2. District Support

    • Create/Edit allows the user access to the Toolbox>Settings/Preferences>District Support tab where a staff member(s) can be selected to be the support person for the district. Selecting the support person means that person's email address in SEEDS will be shown when Help>Email Support Request is clicked on by other staff members in the district. This district support person will also get the Inactive Student email requests from other districts when they have a student entering their district but the student is attached to the district that support person is from.
  3. Users Database

    • Create/Edit will give the user access to the Users Database to be able to add/update users and pass on permissions that they have access to.

Enrollment Section

  1. Editing Level
    • Create/Edit will allow the admin to create/edit Enrollments>Class Masters, Class Lists and Itinerant lists as well as run reports which include all students in the district. Note: The Editing Level>Read Only will allow a user to run reports which include all students in the district.
  2. Staff Access to Caseload
    • View all students in the district and all reports allows the user to see all students in the district, regardless if they are attached to a class or itinerant list.

Student Detail View Section

  1. Create/Edit
    • Allows the user to add/update students attached to districts they have access to. 
  2. Activate/Inactivate
    • Allows the user to activate a student into the district(s) they have access to or inactivate the student out of the district(s) they have access to.

  3. Delete Students
    • Allows the user to permanently remove the student from the SEEDS database.
  4. Historical View
    • Allows the user to see who has made changes to the Student Detail View and what changes they have made.
  5. SEPA Data
    • Allows the user to see the student's SEPA data on his/her Student Detail View>District Details>SEPA Data link tab.

Forms Permission Section

  1. Create/Edit
    • This permission allows the user to create and update forms. Admin should be able to access forms in edit view to support staff.
  2. Data Collection Copy Button
    • The Data Collection form is a tool used to collect information about the meeting for the SEEDS Admin to update the data in SEEDS. The majority of the data on the form prefills from the forms in the event IF the data collection form is created after the data is filled in on those forms first. After the information on the data collection form is verified, checking the Update Student Detail View check box will transfer the data noted to the Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab when the Data Collection form is saved.

  3. Form Hold Override
    • This permission allows the user to be able to unlock a form which is locked by another user. This permission should be used with caution because if the lock is removed a second user could access the form and if the second user submits, it could over-write the data the first user has added.
  4. Move Forms
    • This permission allows the user to move forms between events by selecting the form and then clicking on the green Move button.
  5. View Change and Access Log
    • This permission allows the user to see the Access Log link which shows users who have accessed and made changes to a form.





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