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The accounts area of the Touch CMS4Schools Dashboard is used to create and manage accounts for your contacts/users who need access to the Dashboard. Contacts can have Admin access which grants access to all areas of your Dashboard, or Teacher access which grants access to My News and Staff Reports.

Access Dashboard Accounts

The Dashboard accounts can be accessed via the left navigation [1] or via the Accounts page [2].


The Dashboard Accounts screen will display all of your accounts.

Dashboard Account Options


  1. Use the search bar to search for a user
    Note: Contacts are set up in the 4Schools Users Database, and the CMS4Schools Touch App option in the CMS4Schools Website Admin determines which users populate in the Touch App.
  2. Select All, Active, Pending, Uninvited to view users by status
  3. Use the check boxes to multi-select users to Delete the users or to Send/Resend Invite or Password Reset instructions
  4. Create a new user
  5. Send Password Reset Instructions to the selected user
  6. Select to Reset Password for a user. This will open a Reset Password window where the new password can be entered and confirmed
  7. Select to edit the user organizations and security
  8. Delete an account. Select Yes in the pop-up to delete the account

Create a New Account

In the Dashboard Accounts screen, select the "+New" button or "+" above the user list to create a new account for an existing contact (user). 


The +Create Accounts screen will display.


On the Create Account screen:

  1. Use the search feature to search for the contact(s)/user(s)
  2. Select the checkbox for the contact(s)

Select Continue to choose the Invitation settings, Account Type, and Create Account(s).


Select the invitation settings and account type.

  1. Invitation setting: Send now, Schedule for Later, Set Password(s), or No Invite
  2. Account Type: Admins or Teachers
    • Admins: Access to everything
    • Teachers: Access to My News and some reports

Select Create Accounts to create the new contact/user account.

You will see the message "Congratulations! These accounts have been setup and invites have been sent. Make sure to instruct your new Administrator(s) and/or Teacher(s) to check their email for instructions and a link for logging in the first time. "

Click Ok to return to the Dashboard Accounts screen.

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