SEEDS Change Log through 01-10-2019



Student Detail View

  • The lock a user has on the tabs of the Student Detail View will be released when the Save Change button is clicked or the Back to Students link is clicked on

 District Details Tab

  • Updated label for private school students to Is student attending a private school via parental placement?


Form available in Word format

  • S-7 Permission to Obtain and Release Information form is now available in Word format under Toolbox>Word Docs

Access Log

  • The Access Log, which reports which users have accessed and made changes to forms, now collects the IP address of the computer the user is on

 S-4 - Notice of Graduation

  • Print view updated to fit on one page 

S-21 - Notice of Agreement to Conduct a Reevaluation More Than Once a Year

  • The label was updated on the second Other Options question to be: Other options, if any, related to the selection of IEP team participants which were considered and the reason(s) they were rejected and a description of any other factors relevant to the proposed action:

S-23 - Communication Options for Families

  • Updates to WSPEI's contact information on forms created 1/10/2019 and after.

S-28 - Directions and Standards for Assessing Compliance

  • Added an N/A option for questions IEP-9 through IEP-15


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