Website Photography Guidelines and Recommendations

Pictures are best when they meet (or come close to):

  • 2400 pixels wide or larger (larger, even upwards of 4000 px wide is great too)
  • Original images, do not crop or resize
  • Horizontal are best. Some vertical images can be used in certain sections of the site, so those are welcome, but the majority of images should be horizontal
  • NOTE: images that are smaller can still be used on the site in content containers (example: announcements) or within text on internal pages, however always look for the larger, best quality photos possible.
  • A quality image is more than the megapixels/size specifications. A quality image also has good lighting, strong subject focus and represents your school, culture, mission or message well.

Ideal line-up of images:

  • Include a range of activities, especially student interaction, student-faculty interaction or connection, athletics, arts, etc.
  • Provide images that span the grades/ages your agency serves
  • Provide images that show the diversity of your agency
  • Provide images with backgrounds both indoors and outdoors
  • Some images should focus on emotion
  • Some images should focus on event/happening

Most agencies should work to collect suitable images such as:

  • Elementary students smiling, facing camera-
  • Elementary classroom or engaged learning (not facing camera)
  • Elementary music, art, P.E. and other key classes or subjects (with students)
  • Middle school students - for this age range, stronger image if they are engaged in conversation or emotional connection with other students and/or student-faculty.
  • Middle school classroom - showing environment is key here
  • Middle school key classes/subjects
  • Repeat the above for H.S. but add in specifics for H.S. activities, as well as expanded arts and athletics
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