Feature: Events

The Events area of the Touch CMS4Schools Dashboard is where you integrated calendar categories are located. You can organize these categories into folders and update the image associated with the calendar category.

Access Events

Events can be accessed via the left navigation [1] or via the Features page [2].


The Events link will open the Calendars page which displays your folders and your integrated calendar categories.

Events/Calendars Options


  1. Show All Events Calendar: In your app calendar, an All Events calendar will display in the Calendar feature on your app. See the Calendars Display section below for examples.
  2. Process Calendars: Select to run an update on your integrated calendars.
  3. Current Folder: After selecting a folder, the path of your current folder will display.
  4. New Folder: Create a new folder
  5. Search: Search within your existing calendar categories
  6. Show Unpublished: Select the checkbox to view any unpublished calendars
  7. New:  Add a new calendar. As your calendar categories are integrated with your CMS4Schools website, any new calendar categories should be created and managed in your CMS4Schools Main Website Admin.
  8. Select the checkbox to be able to Delete, Move, Unpublish, or Share multiple calendars.
  9. Displays the Pin to Position value for the item if it has one added. If Pin to Position option is not used, calendars will display alphabetically.
  10. Image: Displays the image associated with the calendar
  11. Name: Displays the name of the integrated calendar
  12. Process iCal: Select to run an update on the integrated calendar.
  13. View: Select to View the calendar and its events. See the View Calendar Options section below for more information.
  14. Move: Move the calendar into a different folder location.
  15. Edit: Use to edit a calendar. See the Edit Calendar section below for more information.
  16. Delete: This will delete a calendar. However, your calendars are integrated with CMS4Schools so you should update the integration to no longer have the calendar display in the app. See the App Website Integration article for more information about updating which calendar categories integrate into the app.

View Calendar Options

On the Calendars screen, select the View icon (eye) next to the calendar to view events for the calendar.


  1. Indicates which calendar you are viewing.
  2. Use this icon to change between List View and Calendar View.
  3. Use the Back to Calendars icon to go back to the Calendars screen.
  4. Indicates that this calendar is integrated with a CMS4Schools Calendar Category.
  5. Indicates the date and time of the last calendar sync.
  6. Allows you to process iCal if the calendar doesn't match what is currently displaying on your website.
  7. Use to navigate to past and future dates.
  8. Use to go back to Today's events
  9. Use to change your view between month, week, and day

You can select any event on the calendar to view more information about the event. As you calendar is integrated with CMS4Schools so you will update all of your event information in your Calendar Admin.

Edit Calendar

Within the Calendars screen, select the Edit icon to make changes to a calendar. As you calendar events are integrated with CMS4Schools, you should update to the calendar visibility and name in the CMS4Schools Calendar Admin.


  1. Update the image that display's for the calendar.
  2. Update the past event visibility days.
  3. Instead of calendars displaying alphabetically, you can designate the order of calendars by using the pin to position option.
  4. Options: Displays different options that can be set for your calendar.
  5. iCal Info: Provides information about the last calendar update from your CMS4Schools Calendar Admin.

Calendars Display

Select Calendar from the app menu to see calendar information.


  1. If the Show All Events Calendar option is selected, the first calendar displayed will be "All events. This calendar will display your default icon and the next event in the calendar.
  2. Folders will display on the calendar screen.
  3. Calendars not in a folder will display on the calendar screen with text indicating the next event.
  4. If a calendar doesn't have an image added, your default image will display.

Calendar View and List View

Each calendar has the option of displaying in Calendar View or List View.


In Calendar View, a monthly calendar will display indicating which days have events. Below the monthly calendar, the events for the day selected will be listed.


In List View, the events will be displayed in a list separated by date.

Folder View


If you organize events into folders, opening the folder will display a list of the calendars that have been added to the folder. 

View Events

In each calendar, you can select any event to view details about the event.


Subscribe to Calendar or Events

Note: Any visitor to your website calendar can generate an iCal feed from a Calendar of Events tool for the event categories they are interested in and add a feed to their personal calendar (including Google and iCloud Calendars). See the Display Website Calendar Events on Your Personal Calendar article for more information about adding an iCal feed to your personal calendar.


For each calendar, visitors will have the option to Subscribe to events by selecting the Subscribe option on the top right of the screen. 


After selecting subscribe, visitors can select to "Save All to Calendar" or select an event to save the specific event to their calendar.


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