Feature: Forms

You can add personalized forms to your app the parents/students can fill out and sign via the app. Forms can be organized into folder to create groups of different forms.

Access Forms

The Forms can be accessed via the left navigation [1] or via the Features page [2].


Forms Options


  1. Displays the path of the folder you are located in
  2. Displays all of your current folders
  3. Use the +New Folder button to add a new forms folder. Forms are organized by folder both in the App Admin and in the App. Use folders to organize forms. See the Forms Display section below for more information about how forms display.
  4. Forms in the current folder are listed in the Forms area
  5. Search for an existing form
  6. Select the checkbox to show an unpublished forms
  7. Select the checkbox to Delete, Move, Unpublish, or Share form(s)
  8. Use the arrows to change the display order of the forms 
  9. Displays the image associated with the form
  10. Displays the name of the form
  11. Web Access URL displays the URL for the form
  12. Select +New to create a new form. See the Create/Edit Form section below for more information about creating a new form.
  13. See the Form Responses section below for more information about viewing form responses.
  14. See the Access the Form Builder section builder for more information about editing an existing form
  15. Select to move the form to another folder
  16. Select to edit form information
  17. Select to delete the form and all of the information associated with the form.

Create/Edit Form

Select +New to create a new form or select the pencil icon next to a form to edit the form.

Note: You can use the Duplicate option in any existing form Edit Form screen to create a copy of an existing form that you can then edit.


  1. Image: Select to add an image from the library or to upload an image from your computer. Select the image to add/upload an image
  2. Name: Enter the name of the form
  3. Custom Message: Enter a message to display after submitting the form
  4. Use the Pin to Position option to order the form in the form list. If forms don't have pinned positions, they will display alphabetically. 
  5. Select the checkbox to provide users with a confirmation # after submitting the form.
  6. Select the checkbox to NOT collect IP address with form submission.
  7. Select the checkbox to set the form as Unpublished.
    Note: Unpublished forms will not appear in the app. 
  8. Signature in exports: Set if the form response export will display True/False for signature or display a link.
  9. Send responses to: Use the + icon to add email addresses for users who should receive notifications of submitted forms.
  10. Description: Enter text that will display above the form fields.

Click OK to create the form. Click Save & Edit to create the form and open the Edit Form screen.

Form Builder

Select the Form Builder icon () next to any form to open the Form Builder.


  1. Select the Switch Form icon to change which form you are working on.
  2. Select the Back to forms icon to go back to the Forms screen.
  3. In the Add new Field section, select any of the field options to add it to the form.
  4. Select Edit Field to edit existing fields on the form.

In the Edit Field area, you can set your designations for each field on your form.


  1. Displays the current label, and type of field.
  2. Label: Enter the label for the field. A longer additional description can be entered to display below the field.
  3. Required: Select the checkbox to make the field be required for form submission.

Any additional items specific to the type of field will also display in this area.


Use the + to create a duplicate of any field. Use the - to delete any field from the form. You can change the position of fields on the form by dragging and dropping fields in the desired position.

View Responses


To view the responses for a form, select the view responses icon (viewresponses.jpg) next to the form.


  1. Select to switch which form responses you are viewing.
  2. Select to export responses to .csv file.
  3. Use the search option to search within the form responses.
  4. Select to show any processed responses. Processed forms will show with a green background.
  5. Use the checkboxes to be able to delete, process, print, save to PDF, or share multiple forms.
  6. Select to print the response.
  7. Select to save the response as a PDF.
  8. Select to share the response as an email. You can select contacts or manually enter emails.
  9. View the form response.
  10. Delete the form response.

Form Display in the App


Forms screen displaying all forms.


Display of the complete form. Visitors may need to scroll to see the entire form.


Upon form submission, visitors will receive a confirmation code that you will be able to use to reference the form submission.

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