Feature: Locations

 Access Locations

The Locations can be accessed via the left navigation [1] or via the Features page [2].


Locations Options


  1. Import: Select to Import an .xlsx file that contains your locations
  2. Merge: Select to merge multiple locations into one
  3. Displays the path of the folder you are located in
  4. This area will display any created folders
  5. Use the +New Folder button to add a new Locations folder. Locations are organized by folder both in the Dashboard and in the App.
  6. Locations in the current folder are listed in the Locations area
  7. Search for an existing location
  8. Select the checkbox to show any unpublished locations
  9. Select the checkbox to Delete, Move, Unpublish, or Share location(s)
  10. Use the arrows to change the display order of the location
  11. Image: Displays the image associated with the location
  12. Name: Displays the name of the location
  13. Address, City, State, Zip: Displays the location address
  14. Select +New to create a Location. See the Create/Edit Location section below for more information about creating a new location
  15. Select to move the location to another folder
  16. Select to edit location information
  17. Select to delete the location

Create/Edit Location


  1. Image: Select to add an image from your device.
  2. Name: Enter the name of the location
  3. Other Names: Use the "+" to add any associated names.
  4. Additional Information: Add any additional information about the location
  5. Use the Pin to Position option to order the location in the list. If locations don't have pinned positions, they will display alphabetically.
  6. Select the checkbox to mark the info page as Unpublished
    Note: Unpublished locations will not appear in the app.
  7. Address: Enter the location address

Click Ok to save changes.

Add Maps to App


To have your Locations display in the app, add the Map feature as an item in the App Builder > Menu Builder.

Maps Display



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