Feature: Daily Messages

Access Daily Message

The Daily Messages can be accessed via the left navigation [1] or via the Features page [2].


Daily Message Options


  1. Export daily messages into an excel file
  2. Import daily messages in an .xlsx file format
  3. View: Switch between List View and Calendar View
  4. iCal: Sync your daily messages with an existing iCal feed
  5. Displays message for the current day
  6. Edit today's message.
  7. Use to go back to Today's events
  8. Use to navigate to past and future dates.

In the calendar view, you can select any date to add a daily message and select any existing message to edit the message.

Create/Edit Daily Message


  1. Date to display the daily message
  2. Message information
  3. Multiple Days: Select to have the message so multiple days
  4. End Date: Select the date to have the message stop displaying
  5. Recurrence: Add event recurrence to have the message display multiple times
    1. Every day, every week on Monday, every month on the fourth Monday, annually, every weekday or customize your recurrence

Click Ok to add/save the message.

Daily Message Display

The daily message will display at the bottom of the app slideshow.

newfeed display grid view display

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