CMS4Schools January 2019 Change Log

Newcastle Premium Theme

  • School Tagline character limit was updated from 60 to 66 characters.
  • Header button character limit was updated from 30 to 25 characters.

Arlington Premium Theme

  • Added the capability to have a video linked from the home landing page slideshow. The slide will display a "Watch Video" link that will bring up an overlay with the embedded video.
  • A pause/play button has been added to the home and landing page slideshows for accessibility purposes. If the pause/play button is selected, the slideshow will pause on the slideshow on the current image. Users can use the dots to view the different images or select the pause/play button again to start the slideshow. 

Touch App

  • The Daily Messages feature has been updated to improve the "Multiple Days" functionality. If a Daily Message is set to Multiple Days with an end date is selected, unchecking the Multiple Days checkbox will now remove the end date and the message will display for one day only.
  • Apple has recently changed their App Store guidelines to require branded mobile apps to establish their own Apple Developer account. Your app will continue to be available for new users to download and existing users to continue using until your developer account is opened. As soon as your Apple Developer Account is set up, you can have the update items below pushed out to all your users.
    • Additional social media automated for Instagram. Automate your Instagram feed to create posts to your apps newsfeed and/or push notifications.
    • Pictures included in messages now appear on the newsfeed enhancing your user's visual experience.
    • A number of backend improvements have been made to enhance performance and stability.
    • A new item indicator will now appear on the home screen and menu to show users when new messages are on the newsfeed or a new event has been added to a calendar.
    • Performance improvements when users have weak data/WiFi connections or offline completely.
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