CMS4Schools Touch App Website Integration

Within your CMS4Schools Main Website Administration, you are able to access the CMS4Schools Touch App module to select the Calendar Event Categories, Announcements, and Faculty Contacts to display in your CMS4Schools Touch App.

Access the CMS4Schools Touch App Module


Select the CMS4Schools Touch App link in the left navigation to open the module.

CMS4Schools Touch Options

After selecting the CMS4Schools Touch App module, you will see a screen that displays the current CMS4Schools Touch integration settings for calendar categories, announcements, and faculty contacts.


For each item ([1] Calendar Categories, [2] Announcements, [3] Faculty Contacts), use the Add/Remove buttons to choose which categories/groups you would like to display in the app.

Note: Calendar Categories are configured in the Calendar Admin.
Announcements categories are configured in the Announcements Database.
Faculty groups are configured in the User Accounts Admin

Select Update Selections, and Sync Data to save any changes.

CMS4Schools Touch App Display

Each of the integrated items will display in your CMS4Schools Touch App. 


The Calendar in your app Menu, will display each Calendar Category alphabetically. You can select a category to view the events.



The announcements from your selected categories will display on your app home/newsfeed.


Faculty Contacts (By Group)

The Staff Directory in your app Menu, will display faculty groups. You can select a faculty group to see individual faculty members and their contact information.


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