SEEDS Change Log through 01-17-2019


Users Database

Users Permissions

  • Added a green question mark to give further explanation of the Editing Level>Read Only permissions in the Enrollment section. The Read Only permission gives the user access to district-wide reporting.


A-4 - Notice That No Additional Assessments are Needed

  • Allow contact attempts to be recorded on the form when the You participated in making this determination option was selected and not show them in the print view

I-1-S2AS - Adult Student Agreement that IEP Team Participant not Required to Attend IEP Meeting

  • Allow the form to be created more than once in an event

I-2 Cover Sheet

  • Bug fix with the Transferred Student drop down of contacts

DC - Data Collection

  • Updated the URL for DPI's Exit Reason page in the green question mark
  • Added direction for Review Process:
    • User(s) selected receive an automated email for paperwork review

IEP Checklist

  • Added two questions 
    • I.A.4.a. - Includes information on reading achievement and other academic areas compared to grade-level standards
    • I.A.4.b. - Includes information on functional performance compared to grade-level expectations
  • Added PLAAFP to I-3 I label
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