Emergency Alert and Emergency Alert Banner

The Emergency Alert and Emergency Banner are controlled by adding an announcement to the Announcements Database in the announcement category that is designated for Emergency Alerts.

When an active announcement has been added to the Emergency Alert announcement category, the announcement will show at the top of every page. Only the most current announcement in the designated Emergency Alert category will be displayed on the site.

Add Emergency Alert Category

In the Announcements Database, navigate to the Announcement Categories screen and select the Add Category option to open the Add Announcement Category screen.


  1. Category Name: Enter the category name for the new announcement category
  2. Set As Emergency Alert: Select the checkbox to designate the category as the Emergency Alert category.
    Note: Only one announcement category can be designated as an Emergency Alert. Once a category has been designated as an Emergency Alert, the checkbox will be unavailable for all other categories.

Add Emergency Alert Announcement

In the Announcements Database, select to Add Announcement.


  1. *CategorySelect the category that has been designated as the Emergency Alert.
  2. *Announcement Title: Enter the text that you would like to display in the Emergency Banner. Note that the Emergency Banner will display a maximum of 50 characters. If your title is longer than 50 characters, an ellipsis (...) will display.
  3. *Start Date/Time: Set a Start Date and Start Time of when you would like the announcement to start displaying on the website.
  4. *End Date/Time: Set an End Date and EndTime of when you would like the announcement to stop displaying on the website.
  5. Announcement: Enter any additional information you would like to provide about the emergency alert. Note that users will need to expand the Emergency Banner to see this information.
  6. Link Graphic To: If a URL is added to this field, a Read More link will appear on the expanded Emergency Alert Banner.
  7. Graphic Link Type: If a URL is added in the "Link Graphic To:" field, use the radio buttons to determine if the URL should open in a New Browser Window or in Existing Browser Window.

Select Add to create the Emergency Alert announcement.

Emergency Alert Banner Display

The Emergency Alert Banner will display at the top of every webpage.


  1. Emergency Alert announcement title.
  2. Select the arrow to expand the emergency alert banner.

Expanded Emergency Alert Banner


  1. Emergency Alert announcement title.
  2. Emergency Alert announcement text.
  3. The Read More link will navigate to the announcements Link Graphic To URL. 
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