SEEDS Change Log through 01-25-2019


Student Detail View

Activate/Inactivate Process

  • Case Manager data will be removed when a student is activated into a district


Locking Forms

  • The below forms will no longer show a locking form message when switching between tabs:
    • A-6 - IEP Team Evaluation Report including Eligibility Determination 
    • I-3 - IEP
    • DC - Data Collection
  • Forms which are deleted (archived) will no longer show as locked by a user


  • Bug fix to save goal review data to the previous I-3 IEP's goals
  • Tab II Assessments
    • The below accommodations were updated on IEP's created January 23rd, 2019 and after.
      • ACT Aspire
      • ACT Workkeys
      • ACT with Writing
      • DLM
      • Forward Wisconsin

Data Collection Form

  • EVALUATION INITIATION DATE & OUTCOME OF EVALUATION INFORMATION>Re-evaluation Not Needed>Updated the prefill to be the "On..." date from the A-2-S(AS) - Notice of Agreement that a Three-Year Reevaluation Not Needed



  • The document was updated for the Is there a list of where data comes from when it prefills on a form? question.


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