Enhancement Requests

Click here to add an enhancement request.

Our support system allows our clients to post enhancement ideas to the 4Schools Help Center and lets other customers vote for a specific request and even expand on someone's idea. We monitor these requests closely and they help determine which enhancements make it to the development stage.


Adding a request


To add an enhancement request, click on Help>Help Center.


Click on Add Enhancement Request to add an enhancement request.

Click on New Post and you may be required to sign in. Try using the Sign in with Google button or use your Google login information.

Add a Title for your enhancement request. 

Add the Details of the request. Please be specific so all who read it can understand the request.

Assure SEEDS4Schools - Feature/Enhancement Request is selected for the Topic.

Submit to add the request.


View Existing Enhancement Requests and Voting

Existing enhancement requests can be viewed and also voted on. Click on here to view existing enhancement requests.

Click on the name of the enhancement request for more details and also to add your vote to the request as well as Follow any additional comments added to it.









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