SEEDS Change Log through 04-18-2019



Updated labels under the Help menu to be articles vs manuals

Users Database

Enrollment Section

Fixed spelling error of Ready to be Read


All Forms - removed the user lock that is placed on auto-created forms

A-3 - Notice and Consent Regarding Need to Conduct Additional Assessments bug fix for sentences breaking mid-text when the page breaks 

I-3-S9 - IEP Subform - Progress Report Addendum bug fix with the objectives saving

Forms which now have the Spanish option available

  • A-5 - Summary of Individual Report of Assessment
  • I-5 - Withdrawal of Parental Consent for Placement 
  • I-5-S - Parent Revocation of Consent for Special Education
  • S-2 - Notice of Response to an Activity Requested by a Parent  
  • S-10 - Services Plan
  • S-10-S - Notice of Changes to Service Plan Without a Service Plan Meeting
  • S-14 - Summary of Performance
  • S-18 - Consent to Maintain Behavioral Records
  • S-20-S - Parental Notice for Billing Medicaid for Health-Related Services in Student’s IEP
  • S-21 - Notice of Agreement to Conduct a Reevaluation More Than Once a Year

Transfer Event will only auto-copy a previous I-3 IEP into it if the I-3 IEP is from the current or previous year


Accommodation Assessments - ACT with Writing and ACT Work Keys were separated into two different Test Type options

Labels by Itinerant or Classroom now has a Font Size drop-down option of 9, 10, or 11

Labels by Itinerant Services now has a Font Size drop-down option of 9, 10, or 11

Labels by Zip Code now has a Font Size drop-down option of 9, 10, or 11


Recent Activity - Removed users access to student(s) from the user's previous district(s)




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