2018/19 SEEDS® End of School Year/Summer Tasks


Student Detail View

  • Gather information on students who will be exiting special education.
    • After staff members have completed their tasks in SEEDS4Schools for their students for the year, in-activate all students who have exited for the reasons of graduation, moving out of the district, and max-aged using the appropriate exit date and reason (Note: Staff will not be able to access the student after they are inactivated). Please verify where the student is moving to if they are moving out of the district to another district and inactivate them accordingly. After the student(s) have been inactivated, the information can be verified by running the Reports>Student Exit report. There are four reasons to inactivate a student: Graduation, student physically moves out of the district, max age, and death. More information on Inactivating students is available in SEEDS4Schools under Help>Activate-Inactivate Manual.
    • Verify the student being exited is not enrolled on any class/service lists for the next school term by switching the Dashboard>School Year to the next year and then check the student’s Student Detail View>Enrollment tab. If the student does show enrollments, click on the enrollment and delete the enrollment because the student will not be attending.


  • Update grades for a few students after July 15th
    • On July 15th, student’s grades will be updated to the next grade on the Student Detail View>District Details tab and the grade on enrollments for the new school year will be synced up to that grade. The Reports>Current Enrollments>District of Placement> Grade and/or the Reports>Active Student reports are good resources to identifying the Grade and/or Placement School data which may need to be updated.
    • After July 15th, students in the PK grade will need their grade manually updated. Look for the 4-year-olds (if you have a 4K program) and 5-year-olds that may be entering KG and determine if the grade level needs to be updated on the Student Detail View>District Details tab.  Check with the building staff or district office to verify if they will be attending KG.  Even if the student is participating in the Early Childhood program, they may also be enrolled in the 4K or KG programs and the grade on the Student Detail View>District Details should be the same as the grade the district is reporting them in WISEdata. The Export of Student Data report is a good tool to use to verify grades.
    • If any student has been “retained” in the previous year’s grade, after July 15th change the grade back on the student detail view and also check all the enrollments for the new school year to make sure the grade is correct.
  • Update schools
    • Students who have been promoted from elementary schools to middle school and middle school to high school may need their school updated on the Student Detail View>District Details tab. The schools must be updated prior to the first day of school for districts who share SEEDS data with WISEdata or their SEPA record may error. Reports>Export of Student Data is a good report to identify which students need their information updated.
  • Educational Environment
    • Verify student’s >6 years of age have the appropriate educational environment code. will be. The Reports>Export of Student Data report is a good tool to use to verify environment codes.


  • Set up the next year’s enrollments. Remember to change the Dashboard>School Year in SEEDS before doing this. The Roll-over feature is an efficient way to set up next year’s class and itinerant lists.


  • Form Status Report
    • Follow up with staff on any evaluation/IEP paperwork still in DRAFT format to make sure all has been updated in SEEDS to a Final format by the end of the school year (All forms lock on July 15th except the IEP). The Reports>Form Status is a good report to find forms which are still in Draft format.
  • Active Student Report
    • The Reports>Active Student Report>Enrollment Status=Only Not Enrolled will show special ed active students who are not enrolled on any class or itinerant list for the upcoming year and find out if they should be and get them enrolled on the appropriate list(s). You should be able to readily identify them using the filter for the Enrollment Status filter. If the student's status is not special education active, then make the appropriate changes on the student’s Student Detail View.
  • Current Enrollment Report
    • Run the Reports>Current Enrollment Report and sort by age to check for any 9-year-olds that still have an SDD label.
  • Transportation List
    • Print out the Reports>Transportation List report and go through the list of students to double check that any students who may have had transportation as a related service dropped as of the end of the school year are off of that list.  Make sure that any students who have transportation as a related service on their IEP are listed on this report (IEP Data Report is a good resource to use to find students who have transportation on their IEP) If they have it on their IEP and are not on this report, then go to the Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab and place a checkmark next to Transportation in the Related Services section.
  • Tuition Waiver
    • Run the Reports>Tuition Waiver report.  If the student was a Current Year tuition waiver for the past year, update their status for this year on their student detail view.  They may either become an Additional Year tuition waiver, Open Enrolled or returning to their previous district.  Update the Student Detail View>District Details tab and all enrollments for this coming year accordingly.
  • Open Enrolled
    • Run the Reports>Open Enrolled report.  Double check with your district office when school starts to make sure the SEEDS data matches with the information they have.  This is critical for all WISEdata and other state reporting.
  • Private Schools
    • Run the Reports>Private Schools report and update the student information form.
  • IEP Data Report
    • To verify time and frequency and services ending in the current school year as well as those starting in the new school year, run the Reports>IEP Data Report and select Related Services and search for Duration for services changing the next school year. Then update the Enrollments>Itinerant Services for the next school year.


Users Database

  • Run the Reports>Users by District report to verify the staff who have access to the district’s data.
    • To remove a user's access from your district:
      • If they are only attached to your district, uncheck the Active checkbox
      • If the user is shared between more than one district, remove the district from the user's permissions under Users Database>District Access section


For Districts who currently share data with WISEdata

  • Resolve all 2018-19 special education related errors in WISEdata. This How are errors resolved? article has more information about resolving errors.
  • Update the student’s school, as noted in the above Student Detail View section above, in their Student Detail View>District Details tab prior to sending data to WISEdata in the new school year. Verify the Student Detail View>District Details schools in SEEDS matches the school the student is associated with in WISEdata.

For Districts New to Sharing SEEDS Data with WISEdata

  • Verify all students have a WISEid on their Student Detail View>Student Details tab. The Reports>Export of Student Data report is a good resource to use to see which students need a WISEid. WISEids can be added on the student's Student Detail View>Student Details tab.
  • Select SEEDS as the district’s Special Education Data vendor in WISEdash. For more details on signing up, click here for the WISEdata - Initially Signing Up article.
  • Verify student data is up-to-date. The Reports>Export of Student Data report is a good resource to use for this task. The student’s school data in SEEDS must match what the student’s school association is in WISEdata. This guide is a good resource for what data is shared from SEEDS to WISEdata.  This data should be updated prior to the date the district schedules their data to be sent to WISEdata.
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