SEEDS Change Log through 05-16-2019




  • Staff Access to Caseload
    • The  will be the defaulted selection for confidentiality reasons.


  • I-2 - IEP Meeting Participants Present Documentation - Cover Sheet
    • If the purpose of the meeting on the I-1 - Invitation to IEP Meeting includes Review/Revise IEP or Service Plan: the Ending Date will prefill from the Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab>IEP/Service Plan End date.
  • I-3 - IEP>IV. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES tab>IEP Team Review section
    • Make the Student's current progress (include data) and the Factors affecting lack of progress and plan to address in the next IEP text areas show all the time regardless which radio button options are selected.
    • Increase the max-length for the number of characters for the Goal Description
  • I-3-S3 - IEP Subform - Extended School Year
    • Bug fix for printing the correct goal


  • Current Re-Evaluation Due (Classroom) and Current Re-Evaluation Due (Itinerant)
    • Export to CSV option
      • Match the data with the appropriate heading column
      • Include the impairment and related services in the export
  • Current Re-Eval List
    • List only active schools as options in the Schools dropdown


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