WebOffice4Schools User Account Permissions

All 4Schools user permissions are managed via the user's account in the Users Database.

Users can be given permissions to create announcements or categories or be designated as a manager who can approve or reject submitted I-forms or purchase orders.

Users can also be assigned a manager within their user account, who in turn can be responsible for approving/rejecting any submitted I-forms or purchase orders from that user.  

Access to Resources is also defined within a user account.

Access User Account

From within the Users Database, use the Search/Manage option to find the desired user account. Select the edit pencil next to the user to access the user's account.AccessUserAccount.png

Access WebOffice4Schools tab

Once in the Edit User screen, select the WebOffice4Schools tab to start adding/editing permissions.


  1. User Levels: Active users will have access to WebOffice4Schools. If set to None, the user will not see WebOffice4Schools when signed into the 4Schools admin.
  2. Announcements: Permission to create announcements
  3. Categories: Permission to create resource categories and sub-categories
  4. Is Manager: Assign the user as a manager. When a user is a manager, other users can be assigned to the manager.
  5. Purchase Order Module
  6. Purchase Order Admin
  7. Staff Directory Admin: Not currently in use.
  8. Manager: Designate the user's manager. Only designated managers will appear in the drop-down list.
  9. Resource Permissions: Provides a complete list of categories and sub-categories available.
    1. All None: Set the users permission to None for all sub-categories.
    2. None: The resource will not display for the user.
    3. All Read: Set the users permission to Read for all sub-categories.
    4. Read: The user has access to see the resource but cannot edit.
    5. All Read/Write: Set the users permission to Read/Write for all sub-categories.
    6. Read/Write: The user has access to see and edit the resource.

Note: You can set up 4Schools Groups to set permissions for groups of staff. For example, a Teachers' Group can be created and permissions for them might be different than the permissions granted to the Admin Group.  Each user can then be edited to meet their specific needs if desired.

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