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Share important news, announcements and more to a central newsfeed and via push notification alerts. News items are integrated with your website's announcements. Create an announcement on your website to share announcements/news on your website and within your app with one entry.

My News

Approved teachers and staff can easily, quickly and safely connect with students and parents with the simplicity and efficiency of text messages and the security of one-way messaging. Teacher notifications are a great way for teachers to communicate homework, project or test reminders, plan changes and more all with proper administrative oversight and reporting capabilities to keep your students and staff
safe in today’s connected world.


COVID-19 Symptom & Exposure Tracker(New)

The Covid-19 Symptom & Exposure Tracker allows you to screen students and other campus visitors before they come to campus to find out if they are currently experiencing any of the known symptoms or if they have been in close contact with anyone who has recently been diagnosed or is experiencing symptoms. Users simply & securely submit their answers directly through their app and are then instructed if they are cleared to come to campus or not with a custom response to fit to your organization's plan. All responses are documented, stored securely and available for administrative review, oversight, and attendance record comparison. “Yes” answers generate a notification to the proper school personnel for proactive action. For those concerned about younger students, parents or guardians can be authorized to answer for their children. Reporting on all responses is available directly in the app Dashboard. The COVID-19 Symptom & Exposure Tracker is part of Secured Access.

Info Page

Create internal pages that contain information you would like to share with your users.


Users can view and subscribe to calendars for general events, athletic teams, parent groups, student clubs and more.

Quick Links

All of the vital resources available online through your Student Information System, online grade book, parent portal, cafeteria menus, athletic sites, library resources and more can be easily and directly accessed from within the app.


Build your own App Store with apps that are relevant to your students and families. Users will be able to select to download the apps from within your app store.


Build custom forms complete with digital signature collection can be used to conduct surveys, collect permission slips, report absences and more.


Important documents such as your student handbook, policies and guidelines, campus safety plan, and more can be easily accessed for viewing, printing and even sharing.


Showcase your events and moments through an interactive picture gallery.


An interactive map provides easy access to turn-by-turn directions to all your on and off-campus event locations.

Tip Line

Promote safety, friendliness, and honesty with anonymous reporting of bullying, academic dishonesty or suspected criminal activity.

Daily Messages

Daily Messages display on the home screen throughout the day and are great for indicating Block Schedule (A/B) Days, Early Release Days or any Daily Announcements. 

Supply Lists

Make back-to-school shopping a breeze! Busy families can quickly find supply lists and check-off items as they get them.



Users can easily connect with administrators, teachers, and staff by phone, email, class websites and approved social media. You CMS4Schools users will sync with your app allowing you to add and update users in one location and see them on your website and in your app.


Create hall passes, badges, and track how many devices are connected.


Anywhere their phone or tablet goes, your students’ digital Student ID will go with them with all of the necessary information and barcode for most library and cafeteria systems.

My Assignments

Your students’ digital assignment notebook easily allows students to keep up with class notes, due dates and set automatic reminder alerts to keep up with their classes, tests, projects, and homework.

Hall Pass

Bring out-of-class accountability into the 21st century by allowing teachers to issue and manage hall passes with a few clicks on a student’s device.


Secured Access

Secured Access is a privacy feature that allows you to target users based on rolls and lists you build within the app. Users will need to be logged in to the app for their role to be recognized. You'll be able to target content such as documents, forms, push notifications, and more to specific users. With targeted content, only users with the correct role/list will see the content.


Conversations allows you to message within the app to specific people and groups of people. Users will need to log into the app to access their conversations. After logging in, users will receive push notifications when they have a new message. Conversations is part of the Secured Access.

With Conversations, teachers can instantly chat directly with individual students and parents or easily create groups to share class documents, materials and assignments, answer questions, inspire engagement, and more!

App Builder

One-Click Access

With one click, users can call or email the school or district office and quickly access the official website d social media pages.


Translated into 32 languages and counting.

My Alerts

Push notifications allow for instant one-way communication about news, announcements, weather closings and more. Alerts can easily be sent in real-time or scheduled for later from any phone, tablet or computer. Notifications can be sent to everyone with the app or targeted to specific custom groups such as classes, entire grades, clubs, athletic teams and more.


Use the documents option to create customized posters, flyers, and infographics, and use the store and embeddable widgets to create a website announcement or interior page to help market your app.


Opt-Ins by Device

This shows you the amount of iOS devices and Android devices that opt-in for each individual organization.

Opt-Ins by Category

This shows you the amount of iOS devices and Android devices that opt-in for each category (ex: Twitter) for each individual organization.

My News Summary

This shows the News sent out by individuals on the app. It shows the contact name, the Newsfeed Category, the Apple subscribers, the Android subscribers, and the last postdate.

My News Details

This shows the specific News sent out by individuals on the app. It shows the contact name, title of the post, the body, when it was created, the categories, when it was scheduled to post, when it was deleted, who deleted the post, and if it was disabled.

Sponsor Analytics

This shows you individuals Sponsors' serve count, hit count, and CTR.

Site News Statistics

This shows you individual organizations’ number of Active Site News Posts, Disabled Site News Posts, Deleted Site News Posts, and total number of News Posts.

Usage by Feature (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly options)

This shows you on a graph the daily, weekly, or monthly usage of certain features of individual apps. It allows you to see the usage of News, Contacts, Calendars, Quick Links, App Links, Documents, Map, Forms, and Pictures.

Installs (Daily and Weekly options)

This shows you on a graph the number of daily or weekly installs of individual apps. It allows you to see the total downloads, Apple downloads, Android Downloads, and Web App Downloads.

Hall Passes Issued

This report tells you what Hall Passes have been issued at an individual school. It shows time and date the pass was issued, who it was issued by, who it was issued to, who the student was checked in by, the time the student checked in at, the reason and how long it is valid.


Offset the cost of your app through our Sponsor Program. School/District-friendly businesses can show their love for your school/district and promote their businesses by advertising in your app.

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