Export Public Users

Exporting existing public users can be used to create a spreadsheet containing information from the Public Users Database. The spreadsheet can be used as the starting point for a new import file knowing that the correct headers were created.

Access the Public Users Database

From your 4Schools account, select the Public Users (Facility Users in Calendar4Schools)
Note: The Schools Database link in the Utility Navigation bar will only be visible if the user logged in has been given permissions to the user database.


Export Users

In the Public Users Database, select EXPORT USERS to access the Import Users screen. 


Exporting users can be useful as the basis for a new import file. The resulting spreadsheet also makes a good database to use with a mail merge.

The export file is a .txt tab delimited file. If you do not see "Open With" as a choice when you right click on the file name, open Excel first and then open the file using Excel. Be sure to change the File Types dropdown list to "All Files". The import wizard will start automatically. You need to choose "Delimited" and "Tab" as you go step-by-step through the wizard.

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