Social Media Feed Tool

The Social Media Feed Tool can be used to display authorized social media feeds on the main body or right side of a page. See the Social Media Settings article for more information about authorizing social media feeds.

Social Media Feed Properties


  1. Select the type of social media
  2. Select the social media feed/account
  3. Set the maximum number of posts to display
  4. Select the checkbox to have a link to the feed/account page
  5. Enter the information that you would like to display if there are no items found for the social media feed/account

Select Update to add the Social Media Feed tool to the page.

Social Media Feed Options


  1. Select Edit Feed Properties to open the Social Media Feed window where you can update any of the properties for the tool.
  2. Select Add/Edit/Delete Social Media Feeds to open the Social Media Settings where you can configure the social media feeds being using on your website.
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