Social Media Settings

The Social Media Settings allow you to configure the social media feeds that are going to be displayed on your site. Social media feeds are displayed using the Social Media Feed tool

Note: Users who have permissions to Settings will also see the Social Media Settings.

Access Social Media Settings


In the Main Website Admin, select the Social Media Settings along the left side. The Social Media Settings page will display.

Authorize Facebook

Note: You will need to be an administrator on the Facebook page to complete the authorization. 


In the Select Social Media field, choose Facebook then select the Facebook Authorize button.


If you aren't logged into Facebook, you will be asked to log in.


Verify that the correct user is logged into Facebook and select the "Continue as" button.


Choose which pages you want to use within CMS4Schools. Select next.


Allow the CMS4Schools Feed to receive your email address and manage your pages. Select Done.


On the confirmation screen, select Ok.


After completing the authorization, you will see the authorized pages listed on the Social Media Settings page. You can now display these feeds on your website using the Social Media tool.

Re-Authorize Facebook

Note: After the authorization, you will need to reauthorize your pages every 60 days to ensure that the access tokens from Facebook's API are valid. If a page isn't displaying as authorized on the Social Media Settings page, the feed will not display as expected on your website.


When a social media account needs to be re-authorized, the "Social Media Requires Attention" message will show for the user who originally authorized the page.


In the Social Media Settings, select Facebook from the social media dropdown. You will then see a "Re-Authorize" button available. Select the Re-Authorize button to begin re-authorizing your Facebook page. After authorization, the Re-Authorize button will show as an Authorize button allowing you to add additional Facebook pages.

Authorize Twitter

Coming Soon!

Authorize Instagram

Coming Soon!

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