2019-20 SEEDS Updates

2019-20 SEEDS Updates


 Welcome to the new SEEDS Districts

  • Beaver Dam
  • Delavan-Darien
  • Ladysmith
  • Middleton-Cross Plains
  • North Lakeland
  • Osceola
  • Westby



 Form Lock/Unlocking  - Please click here for more information.


 On the student’s Student Detail View there may be a:

  1. Green lock icon for forms which are locked by the user logged in
  2. Red lock icon for forms locked by others and if the cursor hovers over the red lock, it will give the name of the user who has the form locked
  3. A view option for a read-only view of the form until the form is unlocked.


Users Database

  View Historical Data to see what updates were made and by whom and when. 





Help Center>SEEDS4Schools Change Log is created to communicate to users what updates have been made in SEEDS. There is an option to Follow this page which will result in an email being sent when changes are posted.


  1. 2019-08-01_9-23-21.png
  2. 2019-08-01_9-27-22.png
  3. 2019-08-01_9-28-39.png   




  • Terminology changes
    • Gender-inclusive language - he/she, his/her has been changed to they or their
    • Grade level has been changed to age/grade level
    • Permission has been changed to consent
  • Review/Revise IEP /Service Plan event, the reason for the meeting prefills to an editable field in the meeting purpose section of the Review/Revise IEP or Service Plan.
  • Transfer Event
    • The most recent I-3 IEP will be copied to the transfer event if the student is activated from an existing SEEDS district.
  • A-2 - Notice of Receipt of Referral or Notice of Reevaluation
    • IEP Participants will prefill to the I-1 - Invitation to IEP Meeting>IEP Participants
  • I-1 - Invitation to IEP Meeting
    • Added an option to print/not print the signature page
  • I-2 - IEP Meeting Participants Present Documentation - Cover Sheet
    Added the below fields to the form:
    • Primary Disability an editable field which prefills from the Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab
    • Secondary Impairments an editable field which prefills from the Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab
    • Last Eval Meeting Date a read-only date which prefills from the Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab
    • If the purpose of the meeting on the I-1 - Invitation to IEP Meeting includes Review/Revise IEP or Service Plan, the ending date will prefill from the Student Detail View>Evaluation Details tab>IEP/Service Plan End Date.
  • I-3 - IEP
      • Tab was moved from tab II to the position of tab III.
      • ACT WorkKeys assessment questions were removed.
      • Assessments questions hide/show depending on the answers selected.
        • Answer No to question III.A.4. will show the general assessment questions.

        • Answer Yes to question III.A. 4. will show the Participation Guidelines for Alternate Assessment questions.
      • Program Modifications or Supports no longer copy to tab VI. Environment.
  • S-7 Permission to Obtain and Release Information

    • Form is now available in Word format under Toolbox>Word Docs.

  • S-12 Parent Notification of Transfer of Rights

    • New Subform was created which address the parents. The S-12AS - Adult Student Notification of Transfer of Rights (18) form addresses the Adult Student.

  • Data Collection Form
    • Case Manager field was added to tab II. Enrollment. This field is included in the Update Student Detail View process, to eliminate the need to manually update the field.
    • Tab II. Enrollment>Classlist Information section has been enhanced to create non-editable fields triggered by which service level is selected.
  • IEP Checklist
    • Can now be created multiple times in an event.



  • Evaluation Timeline
    • Students who have transferred into the district have a TI code in the Grade column
    • Students who have transferred out of the district have a T0 code in the Grade column
    • Students who are open enrolled out of the district are no longer on report
    • The Export to CSV format includes the below additional information:


  •  Export of Student Data Report
    • Includes Medicaid Consent information from the Student Detail View>Student Details tab
  • Users by District Report
    • Downloading using the CSV with Permissions format includes the permission status for each user.
  • Locked Forms
    • Shows the forms the selected user has a lock on. This report is available to all staff.
  • Label Reports
    • Has an option to select the font size of 9, 10, or 11.
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