Text Message (SMS) Long Code to Short Code Changes

On October 1, 2019, changes will be made to how notifications will be sent via Text Message (SMS) through CMS4Schools Touch+. These changes are due to a shift from using "long code" (texts that originate from a 10-digit phone number) to "short code" (texts that originate from a 5-digit number) text messaging. This will help ensure deliverability of text messages as wireless phone carriers are frequently blocking bulk messages from long code systems. This change is to ensure that your messages are delivered with the highest possible level of reliability. This change also brings added benefits included unlimited length messages and increased delivery speeds.

Once your account has been converted to “short code”, notifications sent via Text Message will be sent from the “short code” that has been assigned for our system which is 87569. Recipients (your end users) must confirm their desire to receive notifications via Text Message by replying to an initial message they will get with “YES” or texting “YES” to 87569 at anytime. They only have to do this one time.

In order to make this change, here’s what we need your assistance with:

  1. Let us know when you would like us to make this change for your account. Please note, this change will take place for all of our accounts on October 1, 2019, but we recommend that you go ahead and act now to ensure deliverability of your critical messages.
  2. On Oct. 1 or when you instruct us sooner, we will enable your account for delivering Text Messages via short code. NOTE: This MUST be done prior to you sending out the following important communications to your stakeholders.
  3. Once we confirm that your account has been enabled, announce to your stakeholders via email, phone call and app push notification that you are changing how text messages via SMS are being delivered, and that they will receive a message that they will need to reply “Yes” to in order to continue receiving text messages or they can send “YES” to 87569 at anytime.  Here is a suggested message to send:

    [Insert Your School/District] will be changing the method of how you receive text messages from us. This new method requires that you provide approval to continue receiving our emergency notifications via text message (SMS).

    We will be sending a text message through our notification provider seeking your approval to continue to receive text messages from us.  Please reply “YES” to the text message or send “YES” to 87569. From then on you will be receiving all future text messages from 87569 that are from us once you give your text reply approval.

  4. When the next text message goes out, it will include an accompanying text that says:

    [Insert Your School/District] would like to continue sending you texts. To continue receiving these messages, please reply to this text with “Yes.”

  5. If the recipient does not reply with a “Yes,” they will stop receiving text messages. However, they can text “Yes” to 87569 at anytime to resume receiving notifications via text message.
  6. Anytime new numbers are added to the system, the first notification sent via text message to that number will include the actual notification and a second text with the above message, so you don’t have to remember to send out opt-in messages to new phone numbers.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

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