Collect Feedback from Your Community Before Starting A Design Project

Gathering input from your key audience will help you make informed decisions when considering a new website design. CMS4Schools has a Feedback Survey template that you can use prior to a design project to get community feedback.

We highly recommend doing this process for Custom Design projects. If done prior to the launch of a Custom Design process, the data can be provided to the CMS4Schools team to make decisions based on the feedback. 

Premium Themes and Essential Series projects may also gather valuable information about the needs of their community and how to prioritize information.

Create A Feedback Survey

Recommended Process

  1. Contact CMS4Schools to ask for a copy of their Feedback Survey Template.
  2. Add, edit, and remove questions from the provided template to meet the needs of your organization.

About Our Feedback Survey Template

Each question in our survey was intentional.  This section will help you understand the methodology behind each question so that you can decide if those questions are needed for your organization.

  • Question 1 [Audience]: How are you connected to the [Organization Name] community?
    This question will help you evaluate the importance of participant's input against your prioritized audience and organizational goals.

  • Question 2 [Audience]: How often do you visit the website?
    This question will help you evaluate how often your key audiences are using the website.
  • Question 3 [Audience & Content]: What information are you primarily looking for when visiting the website?
    This question will help you understand why your visitors are coming to your website right now.

  • Question 4 & 5 [Content]: Are you able to find the information you need? If you did not find any or all of the information you needed, please tell us what information you are looking for.
    This question will help you make decisions about the current content of your website based on if visitors get what they need or if the content they want is missing or hidden from them. The second question will help you make specific content decsions based on that feedback.

  • Question 6 [Content]: Please tell us how easy it is to find information on the website:
    This question will help you determine if the organization of your site makes information easy to find and digest.

  • Question 7 [Design & Content]: Rate the usefulness of the following sections on the current website's homepage for you:
    This question will help you make content decisions based on what is or is not working on your current homepage.

  • Question 8 [Design]: What is your overall impression of the site?
    This question will help you make design decisions based on how your audience feels about the current site and how you want them to feel about the new design.

  • Question 9  & 10 [Audience & Design]: Have you used our website on a phone or tablet? If yes, what was your experience of the website like on a phone or tablet?
    This question will help you make decisions about the importance of technology to your audience and how they are trying to access your website.

  • Question 11 [Audience]: If our school district had a mobile app for communication, would that be something that you would use to keep up to date with our school?
    This question will help you make decisions about having an app for communication to key audiences in addition to the website. 

  • Question 12 [Satisfaction]: How likely would you be to recommend our website to a friend, family member, or colleague?
    This question is key for getting a baseline of satisfaction.  If asked again after a redesign that uses the feedback to inform decisions, the expectation that the recommendation would be the same or stronger.

  • Question 13 [Content, Design, and Audience]: Please add any comments you have for improving the website. We welcome suggestions on specific areas for improvements or features you would like to see added to the site.
    This question will help you gather ideas and feedback that may not have been discussed in other questions.

 Determine Timeframe for Gathering Feedback

  1. Set a start date to launch the survey to your audience.
  2. Set an end date for your audience to respond to the survey.  [2 to 4 weeks]
  3. Prepare your communication for all of the channels to reach your audience, including a schedule for reminders to complete the feedback survey.
    These channels may include:
    1. Announcement on current website
    2. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
    3. Newsletter
    4. Email Communication

Push the Form to Your Community

  1. On your start date, send out the initial communication to your audience
  2. For each week that your survey will be available, post a reminder to complete the survey to some of your communication channels.  These channels would be social media or email campaigns.
  3. On the end date, set the feedback survey to stop accepting responses. 

Evaluate the Feedback

  1. Gather with your team to look at the overall results of the feedback.
  2. Dig into individual responses if you are prioritizing the responses of those audience members 
  3. Go back to About Our Feedback Survey Template above to understand the purpose of each question.
  4. Make a list of design and content changes that you will want to consider based on the feedback.

Begin the Website Design Process

Deciding on a Design Product or Theme

  • If you are still trying to decide what design product line fits your needs, talk to your CMS4Schools Account Manager. 
  • If you provide us with your results, our account manager can help you find the product or even the specific design within a product line that fits your needs.

Launching a Website Design

  • If you already know your design product or theme, provide your results to your CMS4Schools project manager. 
  • Your project manager can help you make decisions regarding the design and content based on the results of the feedback, especially for Custom Designs.
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