Logo Guidelines and Specifications

Modern website designs must accommodate a wide variety of screen sizes such as desktop, tablets, and phones. As a result, the need to have high-quality logos has increased. 

Specific Guidelines

Best Quality 

  • File Types: ai, eps, svg
  • File Size: Large, these files are scalable so the exact pixels doesn't matter
  • A variety of logos is extremely helpful:
    • Mark with organization name
    • Mark
    • Mark with organization name in one color (white)

Acceptable Quality

  • File Types: psd, png
  • File Size: Large (1500px or larger)

Poor Quality

  • File Types: jpg, gif, png
  • File Size: Small to Medium (1500px or smaller)
  • Anything that is pixelated is considered poor quality

Our Recommendations

Our recommendation would be to evaluate the quality of your logo and branding prior to starting a new design project. 

If you have a need for any of the following, reach out to your CMS4Schools account manager to get a quote from our design team:

  • Branding Guidelines for your organization
  • Logo Creation
  • Logo Adjustment and Editing
  • Logo Redraws for a higher-quality file


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