SEEDS Change Log through 10/30/2019


  • Updated Primary Disability to Primary Impairment


  • The font in PDFs was updated to function with the new server
  • Bug fix for attachments opening in the forms emailed from SEEDS
  • A6-OHI - Evaluation - Other Health Impaired Criteria - fixed formatting in print view
  • I-2 - IEP Meeting Participants Present Documentation - Cover Sheet - updated Primary Disability to Primary Impairment
  • I-3 IEP
    • updated Spanish translated text
    • I. PRESENT LEVEL OF ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AND FUNCTIONAL PERFORMANCE: - updated visually blind/impaired to blind or visually impaired
    • III Assessment tab - Hide/Show code was added for the questions in A. Participation in General Education Curriculum questions 1 through 4 to not show the remaining questions if the previous question was answered No
  • S-4AS - Adult Student Notice of Graduation - bug fix when the form was saved in Final format
  • S-28 - Directions and Standards for Assessing Compliance - updated the Sample Letter links


  • Removed link to student's Student Detail View if the student has been inactivated out of the district


  • The font in PDFs was updated to work with the new server
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